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समझ से बाहर
a language that is incomprehensible to anyone outside the office
not able to be understood; not intelligible.
translation of 'incomprehensible'
जो समझा न जा सके,
समझ से बाहर,
अक़्ल से बाहर
The spirit of noblesse oblige is not simply absent: it is 'incomprehensible' to the rising generation.
The first man held a billboard and was running up and down, continuously shouting his 'incomprehensible' sales pitch.
This story from the St Albans Observer is completely 'incomprehensible' .
It seemed 'incomprehensible' that only minutes earlier I had seen this lad out on his scooter on a beautiful sunny day.
I've given it two or three goes now and it remains almost completely 'incomprehensible' to me.
Some said maybe he was Swedish, but his 'incomprehensible' babble was little help in discovering his identity.
What seems perfectly reasonable for one person is completely 'incomprehensible' for another.
Meanings that are absorbed by ordinary children from everyday life can be 'incomprehensible' to the autistic.
Spoken entirely in Latin and Aramaic, it is contrived, opaque and 'incomprehensible' .
Firstly, they are books which are intellectually stretching without being wordy or 'incomprehensible' .
Confusing films may be in vogue, but confusing does NOT equal 'incomprehensible' .
And cue the most 'incomprehensible' stream of gibberish ever to pour forth from a human being's mouth.
Man, being the measure of all things, is infinite; and each person is 'incomprehensible' .
Those who did stumble across application forms found them virtually 'incomprehensible' .
The channel said it rendered the broadcast virtually 'incomprehensible' but complied with its programme code.
So when is someone going to make a good mainstream film about that other 'incomprehensible' game, cricket?
An 'incomprehensible' dispute breaks out in one corner, then sweeps terrifyingly across the whole room.
The murder of Taylor seemed at first glance 'incomprehensible' , once the obvious robbery motive had been ruled out.
He knows that sinking feeling induced by pages written in what seems an alien and 'incomprehensible' new language.
If relativity is all that 'incomprehensible' why wasn't the matter dropped?
He was a close friend of Laurel's, and was fairly decent in Em's books, despite the occasional stab of irritation from his 'incomprehensibleness' .
Marriage is the theme, in all its 'incomprehensibility' , its difficulty and its infinite gentle understandings.
I'm sure non-UK readers already think it's 'incomprehensibly' ridiculous.
I did my best impression of Basil by jumping up and down waving my arms while growling 'incomprehensibly' .
It's a year later, and the Tinsel Town premises has been expanded to include a bar, cafe and - 'incomprehensibly' - a clothes shop.
This article gives some idea of the 'incomprehensibility' of such an event in Japan, where the discovery of a live bullet in someone's luggage at the airport is national news.
Today we toss around terms like ‘the end of the Cretaceous extinction’ with such ease that the full significance and near 'incomprehensibleness' of the geologic time scale are lost in the sheer size of the fourth dimension.
The play is, of course, about 'incomprehensibility' and the total futility of all forms of human intercourse.
Why is it that the spread between those of us who are privileged and those of us who are not is so 'incomprehensibly' large?
It can't: it is crammed with lovers packed in tight, the details smashed flat, extraneous facts shorn away to save space, mangled and compressed to the point of 'incomprehensibility' and all beyond counting or collating.
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