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they talked about inconsequential things
not important or significant.
translation of 'inconsequential'
अ संबद्ध,
My portion of the story was relatively small and 'inconsequential' as compared with what had been given away.
These days, I have many small and 'inconsequential' moments that I end up holding on to as being very precious.
One of the reasons why football is pilloried and satirised on comedy shows is that it is awash with cliches and 'inconsequential' chat.
Some minor and 'inconsequential' further amendments were incorporated into the Decision before publication.
Taken out of context, the bits and pieces that I have quoted seem slight and 'inconsequential' .
Although far from dreadful, it's just rather silly, shallow, unconvincing and 'inconsequential' .
We talked about 'inconsequential' stuff, basically where we went to school, where we worked, so on and so forth.
But what if some of these seemingly minor, 'inconsequential' events had never occurred?
This is no 'inconsequential' matter: nice underwear can put you out of house and home at regular prices.
Then there are actors who are haunted by what they perceive as the trivial and 'inconsequential' nature of their work.
They treated vulnerable children as disposable, 'inconsequential' commodities.
Some of the matters to which I have referred on their own might seem 'inconsequential' or of minor importance only.
A set of 'inconsequential' random and rare moments of happiness joined together by swathes of mundaneness.
It's often the little, 'inconsequential' things that spark off such thoughts, rather than the huge, grand gestures.
He has total confidence in his alpha maleness and finds her posturing 'inconsequential' at best.
The specific matters about which complaint is made were minor and 'inconsequential' .
However, one of the virtues of supremacy is that the opinions of others are rendered 'inconsequential' .
Given what else is going in this big bad world, a decision on whether or not a golf tournament should be played is 'inconsequential' , to say the least.
And so the day went, filled with 'inconsequential' matters and punctuated by long periods of nothing at all.
We pay more and more for less and less and are dismissed as 'inconsequential' and treated like children by bullies who want everything their own way.
To shift our gaze for a moment, there are poets who practice 'inconsequentiality' and bore us to death and poets who focus relentlessly on one object while reciting soundbites from Heidegger and bore us to death.
They watched TV and chatted 'inconsequentially' before going for a drink at half past nine.
The emergent self is protean, shifting, cunning, humorous, unencumbered, sometimes angry, but equally capable of accepting its own absurdity and 'inconsequentiality' .
It's an obvious give-the-punters-what-they-want crowd-pleaser, but it still shimmers and sashays along quite delightfully, if 'inconsequentially' .
Not 'inconsequentially' , the actors here are wonderful as well.
He rambled on rather 'inconsequentially' for some time.
So apologies if you are a new reader - I'm afraid I always ramble 'inconsequentially' and incoherently like this.
You are the classic narcissistic misfit, blinded by outrage over your own 'inconsequentialness' .
Indeed, it is because of their apparent 'inconsequentiality' that minor aspects of daily life often escape attention and then accrue, unnoticed, to have a profound effect on place, community, and individuals.
It can also be proof of the 'inconsequentialness' of life.
'Demonetisation criticism 'inconsequential' compared to support'
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