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police interpretation of the law was often inconsistent
not staying the same throughout.
translation of 'Inconsistent '
We all have 'inconsistent' beliefs because we are not always aware of everything our beliefs entail.
I also know that we fickle, 'inconsistent' humans come equipped with varying abilities to perceive flavors.
The Cork referee, who was largely to blame for the incident due to 'inconsistent' decisions throughout gave Gallagher the yellow as well.
As we remarked when contrasting knowledge with belief, it is 'inconsistent' to say ‘I know but I may be wrong’.
These foolish, 'inconsistent' definitions of race are the ones that must be exposed and discarded.
Studies on the impact of anger and worry on sexual functioning are lacking and present some 'inconsistent' results.
The existing tariff schemes are 'inconsistent' with the principles of deeper integration more specifically that of the Customs Union.
His excuses for his unusual behaviour became increasingly 'inconsistent' .
It is grossly 'inconsistent' with the principles of responsible government for the opposition to lack a way to express no confidence in the Executive.
Excluding Serbia would be 'inconsistent' with our principles of inclusiveness.
That would have been quite 'inconsistent' with the whole nature of a waiver as a discretion to be exercised on the merits of the individual case, and with the Waivers Policy.
The Bill before the House seeks to put into law the important principle that the practice of fur farming is 'inconsistent' with ethical agricultural behaviour.
I can't summon the necessary faith to believe in magic if I suspect it's 'inconsistent' nonsense, or a mess of superstitions based on fallacies.
To the foreigners, however, Chinese behaviour in this respect seemed 'inconsistent' and dangerously unpredictable.
He said it was 'inconsistent' with the principles of British justice to keep defendants shivering before their case.
All too often the virtual worlds visited by videogamers are illogical, internally 'inconsistent' and littered with disruptive misapplications of design.
Evidently, these principles are not 'inconsistent' with one another.
Players must collect evidence, weed through 'inconsistent' testimonies, and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails.
Your alternative argument is fundamentally 'inconsistent' with your principal argument, is it not?
Overall, the moral excuses for war we have been fed are at best 'inconsistent' , illogical and hypocritical.
Such investigations are accordingly 'inconsistent' with the principle of proportionality.
It seems a lonely place - meaningless perhaps - but it doesn't seem logically impossible or physically 'inconsistent' in any way.
The party cannot afford to choose leaders whose conduct and principles are 'inconsistent' and always seem to be ready to move with the wind.
Mr Gill referred us to a number of authorities which, he submitted, demonstrated that unfair and 'inconsistent' treatment provided grounds for judicial review.
This man is incongruous, 'inconsistent' and unreliable and is the latest saviour for the opposition.
In other words, men may not turn to others for help because this behaviour is 'inconsistent' with male gender-role expectations.
Miller's 'inconsistent' thinking comes through in many other ways.
At this scale, politics has to operate in a way which sometimes is incompatible and 'inconsistent' with micro-scale politics.
That is why people are sometimes 'inconsistent' - and even contradictory - in their actions.
His evidence was at times exaggerated, 'inconsistent' and illogical when it came to describing the quality of some aspects of his construction.
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