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noise and fumes from traffic would inconvenience residents
cause trouble or difficulty to.
the inconvenience of having to change trains
trouble or difficulty caused to one's personal requirements or comfort.
translation of 'inconvenience'
असुविधा में डालना,
दु:ख देना,
असुविधाजनक होना
It is going to cause hardship and 'inconvenience' to many people.
noise and fumes from traffic would 'inconvenience' residents
It is not clear if patients regard such 'inconvenience' and disturbance as worth while to obtain accurate readings or what patients feel about the alternatives.
This is bound to cause 'inconvenience' to users but is surely worthwhile given the long-term benefits of the project.
Hess said his fingers go white in cold temperatures, and he will continue to suffer pain and 'inconvenience' as a result.
Most authors on the subject state that people with colour blindness will adapt without any serious 'inconvenience' or problems.
They decided to spare the authorities any 'inconvenience' and leave the people shivering with cold.
The parents of these children neither know, nor care where they are, so long as they are not causing them any 'inconvenience' , or harassing people in their own locality.
noise and fumes from traffic would 'inconvenience' residents
the 'inconvenience' of having to change trains
It needs to be cherished and supported, even if this involves a certain amount of personal 'inconvenience' .
Besides personal 'inconvenience' , there are environmental and economic impacts to this situation as well.
With nuisances that cause personal discomfort and 'inconvenience' , such as noise or smell, it will be more difficult to apply general principles.
Often such duty-based helping concern causes considerable personal sacrifice or 'inconvenience' to the leader.
The 48-hour strikes would mean huge personal 'inconvenience' .
However, while 'inconvenience' for many people had been substantial, it was a near miracle that no serious damage to property had occurred.
It is rather the other way about: the injury to the amenity of the land consists in the fact that the persons on it are liable to suffer 'inconvenience' , annoyance or illness.
Every year over a million elderly people suffer the pain and 'inconvenience' of broken bones.
The old wires and shortage of posts often cause 'inconvenience' to people and also cause damage to the transformer.
I am doubly grateful, therefore, that he is here, in spite of considerable personal 'inconvenience' .
the 'inconvenience' of having to change trains
Besides the badly scarred skin, the failure can damage patients' urethra and rectum, which causes 'inconvenience' and severe pain.
Not only did it cause 'inconvenience' for people but the council must have lost a lot of revenue with lost parking tickets.
Apart from causing public nuisance and 'inconvenience' to the commuters this also leads to road accidents.
These are minor 'inconveniences' compared with the catastrophe that we are trying to avert, he could have said, and we ask for the patience and understanding of people subjected to greater inquiries about their purposes.
Our law enforcing agencies and especially the intelligence wings can study the situation around the Parliament House in Delhi and plan security measures without 'inconveniencing' the public.
Eccrine sweat is initially odourless, but patients are embarrassed and 'inconvenienced' by having sodden clothing and damp hands.
He had even parked on the other side of the road, facing the oncoming traffic so that he wouldn't be 'inconvenienced' by having to move to the passenger seat.
A designated smoking room works because it accommodates those who choose to smoke without 'inconveniencing' those who don't.
He said residents in Kilcoo and Castlewellan were extremely 'inconvenienced' by last Tuesday's operation.
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