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As celebrated in their own eyes, these are always the true, the fearless, and the incorruptible revealers of corruption.
not susceptible to corruption, especially by bribery.
I am about to receive the incorruptible , indestructible, ever-living Seed of the Word of God.
not subject to death or decay; everlasting.
translation of 'incorruptible'
न भ्रष्ट होने योग्य,
न सड़ने योग्य
The result was a corps that for decades commanded respect as the pinnacle of efficient, 'incorruptible' policing.
An 'incorruptible' panel of independent and competent adjudicators is imperative in ensuring that competitors are judged purely on the merit of their performance.
Kevin was principled, courageous, 'incorruptible' , unselfish and a man of great integrity.
We cannot maintain an 'incorruptible' police force in a society that condones corruption.
I am about to receive the 'incorruptible' , indestructible, ever-living Seed of the Word of God.
He was 'incorruptible' , and had an intolerance to sloth and greed.
As celebrated in their own eyes, these are always the true, the fearless, and the 'incorruptible' revealers of corruption.
Wenders always wants it both ways: high artifice and 'incorruptible' honesty.
By nature they are eternal and 'incorruptible' , but Eriugena also thinks of individual created things as located spatially and temporally.
In many ways, it is a better introduction than high school civics and college political science courses that preach an 'incorruptible' legal system - especially its judiciary - that always remains above politics.
The Island newspaper in particularly is openly contemptuous of the ‘political maggots’ that inhabit parliament and has repeatedly appealed for someone of 'incorruptible' morals to save the nation.
Made dogma in the Christian doctrine of the ‘odor of sanctity,’ that moral interpretation of corrupt and 'incorruptible' flesh permeated secular culture as well.
But in the course of unmasking them, the novel's hero, Justin Quayle, becomes ever more the white knight, superb and 'incorruptible' in his quest.
The Horse, with its rigorous style and feeling of 'incorruptible' honesty, is directly in the Güney tradition of social protest.
What price political openness, legality, free-trade and an 'incorruptible' civil service - I thought - if the end result is an England full of Macdonalds, Seattle coffee bars and pubs that serve Harvester Fayre.
Now the conventional wisdom is that the media will be kept honest and decent by an army of 'incorruptible' amateur gumshoes.
We have all heard of cunning bowlers turning down their own appeals, withdrawing them is the proper term, the better to impress the umpire with their 'incorruptible' honesty and win a decision next time.
In addition, suppose a bureaucrat was 'incorruptible' and wanted to do his job with total commitment to efficiency, demanding, say, that contractors reduce swollen overtime costs.
Earthly things were mortal - subject to change and transition - while the stars and planets were eternal and 'incorruptible' .
His protagonist-heroes, especially the Chief Justice in The Lawyer and the Libertine and the film director in Appointment at Amalfi, show a scrupulous and 'incorruptible' concern for truth and justice.
While human bodies were subject to hunger and pain, prey to a wide range of diseases and, eventually, decay, those of the saints remained impassable and 'incorruptible' , in Camporesi's memorable formulation.
For us who were sinful, he gave up the holy one; for the wicked the innocent one; the just one for the unjust; the 'incorruptible' one for corruptible men; and for us mortals the immortal one.
Always wrong, in short; but forthright, and 'incorruptible' .
I've given up on certainties, but I do still believe in some things: that British racing is 'incorruptible' , and that one day sport will once again be something we enjoy for its own sake.
This conservative estimate is based on the assumption that a large number of ultrasonologists are 'incorruptible' .
Already, a couple of journals have brought out articles on the late leader, known for simplicity, 'incorruptibility' and concern for the poor.
Integrity implies trustworthiness and 'incorruptibility' to a degree that one is incapable of being false to a trust, responsibility, or pledge.
So ‘if there was no field of creativity that was 'incorruptibly' pure, where did that leave humanism?’
They see little potential for abuse, because they believe that by virtue of his arriving at the ‘correct’ leftist viewpoint, an individual has demonstrated his intellectual and moral 'incorruptibility' .
That says an awful lot about the integrity and 'incorruptibility' of the man.
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