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अविश्वसनीय रूप से
Michele was incredibly brave
to a great degree; extremely or unusually.
incredibly, he was still alive
used to introduce a statement that is hard to believe; strangely.
translation of 'incredibly'
आश्‍चर्यजनक रूप में,
अविश्‍वसनीय ढंग से
He was extremely uncomfortable and 'incredibly' tired after waiting for such a long time.
What I also know about John is that he has a phenomenal will to win and takes the game 'incredibly' seriously.
Michele was 'incredibly' brave
When I meet them again, I might have another beer and a giggle with them and feel 'incredibly' mean.
Throughout all the treatment he was very brave and remained 'incredibly' positive.
Hagen may have been playing at it but Mac's drinking was for real and it was 'incredibly' destructive.
What he doesn't realise is that he has so much talent and is so 'incredibly' interesting.
I don't know how they pull it off, but everyone in these pics looks dirty, yet 'incredibly' cool.
'incredibly', he was still alive
If I can decide which of the 'incredibly' dull candidates is less dull than the others.
There are certain people we work with who are very powerful gateways to 'incredibly' important stuff.
Everyone was still having fun while I was 'incredibly' tired and decided to take a nap.
The jazz jam is 'incredibly' exciting because you have to be great to even take part.
I suspect that this is because I got 'incredibly' travel sick as a child on even the shortest journeys.
Consider all those 'incredibly' brave men who lost their lives because they cared so much for others.
Its riveting but awful reading, a real condemnation and an 'incredibly' brave work.
'incredibly', he was still alive
He was 'incredibly' surprised to see me and asked me to stay and talk for a while.
Michele was 'incredibly' brave
They're incredibly sweet and incredibly filling and suddenly 'incredibly' sickly.
Possibly because the feeling of love is so 'incredibly' amazing and we just have to feel it.
She felt 'incredibly' dirty and wished for nothing more than to claw her own skin off.
So far the response has been 'incredibly' positive from everyone who's read it.
When he came back he was 'incredibly' dirty and seemed to be in a great deal of agony.
'Incredibly' , the contest was won by an unemployed busdriver.
'Incredibly' , it also eliminates shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain.
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