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Voters may look back on an incumbent 's performance in office, and cast a retrospective vote, or may compare what the candidates promise to do if elected to office, and vote prospectively.
the holder of an office or post.
translation of 'incumbents'
One thing that stands out is the lousy re-election rates of senators who came to office by defeating 'incumbents' to get their seats.
The monk or nun 'incumbents' will probably engage in daily devotions and practices, as well as giving teachings, blessings and ceremonies for the laity.
A quarter of a century later, he is one of the oldest 'incumbents' of the same office.
It is blatantly obvious that the current 'incumbents' at the Home Office cannot even spell the words civil and liberty, let alone grasp their meaning.
In terms of 'incumbents' losing office in Australia, this is the lowest vote that we've ever heard of in any public election for anything.
The 'incumbents' of the office were to be changed, by election, each year.
But we cannot just resort to blaming the present 'incumbents' for our circumstances.
One is, we're asking incumbents to vote to change a system that keeps 'incumbents' in office.
Today, at 69, he is one of the oldest 'incumbents' of that office.
Voters may look back on an 'incumbent' 's performance in office, and cast a retrospective vote, or may compare what the candidates promise to do if elected to office, and vote prospectively.
It is also in part the result of the greater importance of the Council Presidency and the fact that the 'incumbent' of this Office will often have an agenda which he or she wishes to see achieved.
For 12 months cameras will follow the fortunes of the St Mary Magdalene's, which at present is being looked after by a vicar from a neighbouring parish, as the new 'incumbent' tries to make a difference.
He is a decent, honest man, though given to prolixity; no genius, but then certainly no worse than the present 'incumbent' .
The trainee pastor, on loan to the church because the resident 'incumbent' has gone off his rocker, is so damp behind the ears he doesn't notice when ladies make passes.
Notwithstanding widespread fears that the President to-be would be a clone of the present 'incumbent' , the reality may be different.
Elections in which an incumbent president is running typically are referenda on the job performance of the 'incumbent' .
Meanwhile, the legislative districts are designed to protect the 'incumbent' .
Then as now, a majority of the electorate disapproved of the 'incumbent' 's performance.
The very idea of the present 'incumbent' supporting a factory occupation is laughable.
Thus, in mulling over a formula for my ideal PM, I found it helpful to consider separately the office, the 'incumbent' , the candidate.
A provost is the head of the cathedral chapter in a number of the Church of England's more recently created dioceses in which the cathedral is also a parish church and the provost is the 'incumbent' .
Later Prime Ministers were unwilling to challenge those interests; the present 'incumbent' may be unable to do so.
He visited the eclectic congregation systematically and, with the support of the 'incumbent' , initiated weekly Bible studies, men's meetings and other teaching activities.
The present 'incumbent' is I think magnificent at not being rattled by anything.
Eleven years after he took up the Festival's reins, with two more to run on his current contract, he is now the longest-serving 'incumbent' of a post he has described as ‘the best job in the world’.
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