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At every stage, ambivalence and indecision has meant that decisions were forced upon them by events on the ground.
the inability to make a decision quickly.
translation of 'indecision'
government 'indecision' over the future of local taxation
It seemed shackled to 'indecision' , unable to make up its mind.
After a moment of 'indecision' , I crawled to my feet and I quickly wiped my face clean of the mud.
He swallowed for a second, 'indecision' crossing his face, before he decided to play dumb.
The United Nations found itself floundering as it stumbled from one moment of 'indecision' to another.
After all I am the woman who spends a large percentage of her time paralyzed with 'indecision' or fear, or both.
This 'indecision' at the level of military planning reflects a broader and deeper dilemma of American foreign policy today.
It blames the change in costing on 'indecision' over the future of the line.
At what point does 'indecision' , does the inability to act at all, become legitimately frightening?
Defeated by 'indecision' and the reddest of tape, they withdrew after supplying the initial plans.
There's not only nepotism but perhaps worst of all, political 'indecision' .
At every stage, ambivalence and 'indecision' has meant that decisions were forced upon them by events on the ground.
A long awaited meeting about our replacement toilets on Tuesday resulted in 'indecision' !
His back-and-forth reflects a habit of 'indecision' , and sends a message of confusion.
a gesture of 'indecision'
The impression again was of 'indecision' and fear of a competition.
The 'indecision' over the future tax break has reportedly already cost the Irish film industry millions.
The two-week siege was a result of 'indecision' , not sophistication.
She seemed to hover in 'indecision' for a second, and then made the abrupt decision to speak.
With the pressure on, we are gripped by 'indecision' and descend into argument.
In such moments of 'indecision' , political leadership can win the day.
When driving two things are inherently dangerous; 'indecision' and lack of indication.
Goa BJP slips into 'Congress mode'; indecision continues over Parrikar replacement (News Analysis)
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