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परोक्ष रूप से
the losses indirectly affect us all
in a way that is not directly caused by something; incidentally.
I heard of the damage indirectly
without having had direct experience; at second hand.
translation of 'indirectly'
परोक्ष रूप से,
अप्रत्‍यक्ष रूप से
धृष्टता से,
मूर्खता से,
अविवेक से,
अनवधान से
A vaccine is supposed to "create" antibodies which, 'indirectly' , offer protection against disease.
Even when the results are unintelligible, the method can 'indirectly' generate fresh thoughts and sometimes laughter.
In works of fiction, devices often serve their functions 'indirectly' , through the mediation of the fictional world.
both writers refer, if only 'indirectly', to a wealth of other art
He or she must not undermine the primacy of democratic law-making by the organs of government directly or 'indirectly' accountable to the people.
both writers refer, if only 'indirectly', to a wealth of other art
the losses 'indirectly' affect us all
Furthermore, the greater the incidence of substance abuse, the greater the supply of beggars, 'indirectly' increasing the demand for regulation.
But the politics of Israel concerns me only 'indirectly' .
Yet on a remote Pacific atoll they've been 'indirectly' responsible for safeguarding a thriving coral reef ecosystem.
I heard of the damage 'indirectly'
Conversely, selective foraging by herbivores alters plant community composition, which 'indirectly' decreases nitrogen cycling.
I heard of the damage 'indirectly'
the losses 'indirectly' affect us all
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