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he made himself indispensable to the parish priest
absolutely necessary.
translation of 'indispensable '
परम आवश्यक
Greater equality is a moral imperative and an 'indispensable' element in the battle to eliminate poverty.
But undoubtedly the agencies play an 'indispensable' part in ensuring the survival of a people.
Necessary in a democratic society does not mean 'indispensable' ; nor does it mean desirable.
But there is an 'indispensable' European dimension to national reform policies.
Thus they became, in effect, extensions of the host itself - as 'indispensable' as a vital organ.
Yet what makes this set truly 'indispensable' is its array of extras.
They are 'indispensable' only to themselves and their un-argued political careers.
The 'indispensable' and vital elements of each and every conversion are made explicit in the experience of the dying thief.
For this reason, she did not have high status although she was 'indispensable' .
In short, as a guide to the new enemies of the left the book is absolutely 'indispensable' .
The horse is an 'indispensable' character to most stories of Chinese warriors.
Israel is absolutely 'indispensable' to the Jewish identity of American Jews.
This has made the need for computer literacy among the masses 'indispensable' .
As the UN turns sixty, the organisation is not irrelevant but 'indispensable' .
So all kinds of managers see the brand as 'indispensable' , benign magic.
After a night's sleep the news is as 'indispensable' as the breakfast.
But protection from those whose direct intention is to kill the innocent is also 'indispensable' .
Absolutely 'indispensable' , it is a must purchase for anyone interested in house or soul music.
In the former case, this allowed the United States to make itself 'indispensable' .
Time will tell, in the meantime, this is an 'indispensable' account of the most vital saga in modern music.
That, and the fact that each combinative element 'indispensably' contributed what only it could do; there were no superfluities.
One kid always used to tag along, unwanted, made fun of, yet somehow of greater 'indispensability' than any of the rest of us.
That determination - along with his 'indispensability' - is what ensures he will be available when the business end of the tour comes around.
There's this desperate need to insist not only on France's relevance in an era dominated by Germany, but France's 'indispensability' .
Her work has none of the emotional intensity with which partisans of certain colonies or races demonstrate their 'indispensableness' to the patriot cause.
What I have found is that the two elements of our work - development and advocacy - complement each other 'indispensably' .
But this hardly amounted to recognition of Russia's 'indispensability' - after all, NATO troops entered Kosovo without Russian consent.
Nonetheless, preaching 'indispensably' correlates ‘human experience in its depths with the biblical word of God,’ thus ‘linking anamnesis with mimesis.’
Some organizations seek to be known and respected for the products they offer, while others seek to retain their 'indispensability' to selected markets.
Having said all that, Sue's being uncharacteristically nice to me, but I'm putting that down to my temporary 'indispensableness' (it is a real word, honestly.)
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