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State power contributed to the growth of the cotton industry, a point overlooked by industrialists in the early nineteenth century.
a person involved in the ownership and management of industry.
translation of 'industrialist'
औद्योगिक व्यक्ति
Clearly, the Indians were wronged and the 'industrialist' was an aggressor.
Today, many Canadians outside of your 'industrialist' and financier circles are suffering again from globalization.
Their chief rival, Juventus, is owned by the wealthy 'industrialist' Agnelli family, who own the Fiat car company.
Some 'industrialists' , especially foreign investors, chose to exploit available subsidies and low wage rates.
There are also closer links between public administrators and 'industrialists' than is the case in other European countries.
Businessmen, 'industrialists' , farmers and real estate developers and dealers have a great time.
A panel of judges comprising 'industrialists' and venture capitalists will choose the finalists of the event.
If the current trend in gas prices continues, 'industrialists' fear that inward investment in Britain will suffer.
State power contributed to the growth of the cotton industry, a point overlooked by 'industrialists' in the early nineteenth century.
The winners will be Irish landlords, existing house-owners and 'industrialists' .
But few 'industrialists' believe that interest rate cuts alone will bring relief.
At the same time local 'industrialists' and producers were harassed and intimidated.
It also demanded compensation for farmers and financial assistance for 'industrialists' due to power shortage in the state.
Several doctors, businessmen and 'industrialists' accompanied the children.
It marked a decline in power of the 'industrialists' in favor of financiers.
It's us giving back to all the world leaders, capitalists and 'industrialists' , and we don't discriminate.
The Fatherland Party was lavishly financed by Rhineland 'industrialists' , but it was no mere front for the ruling classes.
The problem was guaranteeing that 'industrialists' would in fact invest the profits they consequently received.
More mature people are likely to admire financiers and 'industrialists' who have achieved great success.
The interest groups behind it were northern 'industrialists' who wanted to feed their private greed at public expense.
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