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He struck me as being particularly hardworking, energetic and industrious .
diligent and hard-working.
translation of 'industrious'
They are 'industrious' people who believe in strong families, self-discipline and orderly lifestyles.
Anyway, he is very 'industrious' and energetic in his sweeping.
Your 'industrious' and methodical nature will gain you respect in the workplace.
His layered photographs condense the evidence of man and its 'industrious' production.
A very hard working and 'industrious' farmer, he was an excellent family man and a member of an old and respected family.
Yes, beavers are 'industrious' rodents whose dams help our river systems.
With it comes an economy that mainly stands on consumption rather than on the 'industrious' craft of production.
He struck me as being particularly hardworking, energetic and 'industrious' .
A member of a respected family she was a hard working 'industrious' lady.
She was a very hard working 'industrious' lady and she loved to chat about old times.
I've attached a picture that one of our 'industrious' computer experts put together.
From the endless rows of hand tools to the overalls and safety goggles, the atmosphere is 'industrious' to say the least.
He again underlined what a player he could be with another 'industrious' performance on the right hand side of midfield.
We make the busy bee look like a lazy creature, and the 'industrious' ant, a sluggard.
He inherited a great love of the land and livestock and was a most 'industrious' and hard-working gentleman.
The plantation was a considerable success, the settlers proving 'industrious' and determined.
A hard working 'industrious' lady, she was respected member of the Community.
They were exemplars of the same 'industrious' values as their subjects.
A very active and 'industrious' lady, she owned the flower gardens at Ballybrophy until she retired.
A very hard working and 'industrious' man, he was held in very high esteem.
Behaviour can be shaped, as evidenced by the 'industriousness' of the Japanese.
This gap is not due to a difference in 'industriousness' or talent.
With both defences working 'industriously' they succeeded in minimising scoring chances during the first half exchanges.
There were few fluent passages of play and only sporadic excitement in a game where the players worked 'industriously' for a point apiece.
Upon this platform a small pack of roadies work 'industriously' , hurrying back and forth with effects pedals and bottles of water.
This image of 'industriousness' - echoed in various forms on walls throughout the village - also underscores indigenous agency.
But seriously, let us highlight the efforts of those who 'industriously' earn the moolah, which buys them that great pair of shoes that they absolutely must-have.
No special point this evening, other than I'm thinking that the way to creative 'industriousness' in my leisure hours may well be through being leisurely more generally.
They greatly impress me with their intellectual and behavior-analytic skills and their consistent 'industriousness' .
They spent hours copying things out of books and don't know how to learn 'industriously' on their own.
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