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So from a theoretical point of view it can be argued that an independent central bank may reduce the inflationary bias of monetary policy-making.
of, characterized by, or tending to cause monetary inflation.
Some promising ideas, such as inflationary cosmology and string theory, already exist.
of, relating to, or involving inflation.
translation of 'inflationary'
Economists in Paris warned of a dangerous 'inflationary' spiral unless emergency corrective action was taken.
Some promising ideas, such as 'inflationary' cosmology and string theory, already exist.
In de Sitter space the universe expands exponentially, which is the basis of the 'inflationary' model of the universe.
But first there were intriguing developments to follow up in the field of 'inflationary' cosmology.
One of the goals of the 'inflationary' universe theory is to provide an explanation of these small irregularities.
Similarly, to reduce 'inflationary' pressures, the Bank of Canada also increased short-term interest rates.
However, the 'inflationary' backdrop and monetary policy are very different from the times of previous oil price rises.
Today, the global backdrop is one of general economic strength and heightened 'inflationary' pressures.
The presence of monetary or 'inflationary' overhang in the economy exacerbates this situation.
Dollar confidence has faltered not coincidently as 'inflationary' pressures have broadened and mounted.
However, it would also add to the 'inflationary' pressures discussed below, by raising the cost of our imports.
Worse, it might set off an 'inflationary' spiral with global implications.
The US central bank is trying to curtail 'inflationary' pressures without obstructing economic growth.
All the same, the article captured the essence of the new strains of unfolding 'inflationary' pressures now taking hold.
The prices of crude and natural gas have both almost doubled, while 'inflationary' pressures are broadening.
There is growing empirical evidence confirming the 'inflationary' theory of cosmology.
The burgeoning deficit has put downward pressure on the dollar, which could create 'inflationary' pressure as Americans pay more for imported goods.
So from a theoretical point of view it can be argued that an independent central bank may reduce the 'inflationary' bias of monetary policy-making.
Whether these measures or a general economic downturn helped ease 'inflationary' pressures in the housing market is open to argument.
With 'inflationary' pressures largely offset, expect slow and steady rate hikes
Robinson said India and China were among the countries where 'inflationary' pressure was becoming a concern.
But in the medium term looser fiscal and monetary policy poses serious 'inflationary' risks.
What's far worse is the phenomenon of the 'inflationary' recession that Keynesians are always trying to foist upon us.
The dangers of 'inflationary' pressures on the economy have been referred to on numerous occasions in this newspaper during recent months.
Thus they result in increasing the 'inflationary' pressure.
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