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he came into a comfortable inheritance
a thing that is inherited.
translation of 'inheritance'
They won equality in custody and 'inheritance' rights for mothers.
Feminists and lawyers have focused on 'inheritance' laws that discriminate against daughters.
Such epigenetic 'inheritance' across somatic cell generations is well accepted.
It is acknowledged that disputes over land and abuses of power in cases of 'inheritance' need to be addressed.
This, in my view, would be a distortion of the principles underlying customary law of succession and 'inheritance' .
The first spouse usually signs away 'inheritance' rights during a separation or divorce, but it is better to make it watertight.
Our objective was to determine the mode of 'inheritance' for this resistance trait.
It is a step towards avoiding the problems arising over housing, taxation, 'inheritance' rights and family law.
Ukrainian customs and laws of property 'inheritance' never discriminated by gender.
You can obtain a wide range of personal advice from tax to 'inheritance' planning through your banking manager.
In short, 'inheritance' laws should be the same for both sons and daughters.
the 'inheritance' of traits
In the event of a customary marriage only, customary 'inheritance' laws are enforced.
In fact the provision was usually made in the form heirs of the body male in order to exclude 'inheritance' by lineal female heirs as well.
he came into a comfortable 'inheritance'
Bulgaria began to adopt Western style laws, giving women 'inheritance' rights.
But, he said, the deal had been deadlocked due to 'inheritance' problems over the land.
the European cultural 'inheritance'
the 'inheritance' of traits
The film revolves around these ideas of female and male 'inheritance' .
This difference in concept has important implications for family 'inheritance' and for the ownership structure.
I don't want a penny of your 'inheritance'
Spanish tax and 'inheritance' laws are significantly different to their Irish counterparts.
According to Batak customary law, only the men had the right to 'inheritance' .
Once on the statute book, gay men and lesbians will enjoy the same tax, 'inheritance' and tenancy rights as married couples.
he came into a comfortable 'inheritance'
A specified amount of gifts / 'inheritances' could be received tax free depending on the relationship between the donor (your brother) and you.
Buyers also are using 'inheritances' to purchase vacation properties.
However, the children's prospects grew better in both respects: the number of children is positively connected with both 'inheritances' and legacies given to children.
However, if the person receiving the inheritance has previously received gifts or 'inheritances' from the same group since 2 December 1988 the new and old benefits must be aggregated.
HC notice to Centre on plea against Muslim personal law on inheritance
Time is best inheritance for children: Soha
Thackeray kin inheritance battle ends, Jaidev withdraws case against Uddhav
'Inheritance tax set for a comeback after 35 years'
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