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the injustice of the death penalty
lack of fairness or justice.
translation of 'injustice'
अन्यायपूर्ण कृत्य,
So I grew up in a home that made me very sensitive to racism, to unfairness, to 'injustice' .
It is hard to imagine the horrors of war, crippling poverty or 'injustice' where we live.
Terrorism and lawlessness thrive where poverty and despair are met with 'injustice' .
the 'injustice' of the death penalty
Economic privilege and 'injustice' is increasing and class prejudice is accepted to an alarming degree.
The sentiment of the film is that it is time for 'injustice' and impunity to end.
The campaign calls on the Brazilian people to overcome all violence and 'injustice' .
To claim to do so in the name of ‘true justice’ is simply insulting to the victims of 'injustice' .
Australia provides for and nurtures this 'injustice' by its immoral foreign policy.
They revel in every perceived 'injustice' , and are desperate to have someone to blame.
Putting a deadline on eliminating this 'injustice' would be a real success.
Poverty and 'injustice' are recognised as factors that nurture terrorism.
This is fundamental to medicine and healing; it applies no less to social 'injustice' .
This is the Irish premier of this play which deals with justice and social 'injustice' .
The fight against social and political 'injustice' has historically been an integral part of Sikhism.
she was taken aback by the 'injustice' of Nora's remark
Terrorism, he said, could only be defeated by addressing global problems of poverty and 'injustice' .
We must tackle ignorance, poverty and 'injustice' but we must do so on contemporary battlefields.
The passivity involved here is that of letting oneself be affected by all that is negative, by 'injustice' and death.
How can some of that emotion be channelled to indignation about poverty and social 'injustice' here too?
There is a growing consciousness both amongst the elite and those that face 'injustice' .
Open letters appeared at key moments in the history of 'injustice' in this country.
Pressure groups have always played a vital part in ending discrimination and 'injustice' .
Put this 'injustice' right Home Office, these men have earned the right to be called British and they are proud to do so.
The cost of strict liability is that it may result in 'injustice' in individual cases.
So the greatest 'injustice' our manifesto addresses is the unfairness to a child born into poverty.
They fought shoulder-to-shoulder with men against the 'injustices' of colonial rule.
On behalf of the people that I represent in this parliament, I say sorry for these past 'injustices' .
It was literature that gave her the courage to write about the terrible 'injustices' she witnessed among the black population.
But in spite of the 'injustices' meted out by her father, she is not bitter.
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