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she had a deep sense of insecurity
uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.
growing job insecurity
the state of being open to danger or threat; lack of protection.
translation of 'insecurity'
डाँवाडोल स्थिति,
The existence of hunger and food 'insecurity' in a wealthy country like Canada is a result of political decisions.
This 'insecurity' could be prompting you to declare eternal love to whomever pays attention to you.
I found my relationships with long time friends strengthening after liberating myself from years of secrecy and 'insecurity' .
Changing the organization often results in a milieu characterized by defensiveness and feelings of 'insecurity' .
This will potentially transform people's experience of economic and social 'insecurity' into a massive public health problem.
The gloomy prospect of unemployment and poverty, of 'insecurity' and war is frightening us.
growing job 'insecurity'
the 'insecurity' of wireless networks
International chemical companies are refusing to deliver their products because of the 'insecurity' surrounding the currency.
She uses her verbal loquaciousness as a screen for 'insecurity' .
she had a deep sense of 'insecurity'
Discussing her 'insecurity' about her looks would also be a sore point.
growing job 'insecurity'
Loose, free-floating minds are dangerous - minds free from debt and economic 'insecurity' start to wander and ask questions.
Growing disorder, eruptions of violence and decades of 'insecurity' have accompanied each rebirth of capitalism in the past.
A number of countries and regions risk becoming caught in a downward spiral of conflict, 'insecurity' and poverty.
the 'insecurity' of wireless networks
Many Israeli immigrants cited the political unrest in the Middle East and the relative 'insecurity' of the region as their primary reason for emigrating.
One is unable to share the feeling of 'insecurity' with anyone.
she had a deep sense of 'insecurity'
Each year our members do more for less and yet face greater 'insecurity' for the future.
'Insecurity' of land tenure militates against long-term conservation of the land resources.
There are, nevertheless, fears that arise from the 'insecurities' evident in all groups.
Both men and women have their various issues, 'insecurities' and annoyances associated with dating.
You can eliminate your 'insecurities' by practicing racing in your workouts.
I want to protect them from the fears and 'insecurities' I went through.
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