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an insensitive remark
showing or feeling no concern for others' feelings.
translation of 'insensitive '
It's tempting to take this study as justification for any overreactions we women may have had to 'insensitive' remarks.
In trying to reach their own public, the new crusaders have fallen back on sensationalism, and have become 'insensitive' to the dignity of the very women they want to save.
I've apologized for the - you know, the remarks and what they seemed to infer in such an 'insensitive' way.
Tourists intent on bartering can be hugely 'insensitive' to the fact that the locals they are hammering down to a bargain price may be incredibly poor and the sums involved shamefully petty by our standards.
Oxygen utilization that was 'insensitive' to KCN and sensitive to SHAM was indicative of the presence of the alternative pathway.
Others are still 'insensitive' and thoughtless.
Jody quickly calmed her down, knowing that she had just made an 'insensitive' remark.
Male or female, they can be 'insensitive' , callous, immature, selfish, proud (without base), and chauvinistic.
In contrast, petal wilting was either ethylene sensitive or 'insensitive' , and this was also generally consistent within families or subfamilies.
Rules have distinct advantages as behavioral guides, but they can promote rigid responding that is 'insensitive' to changed contingencies.
Hygge and colleagues also found that noise-exposed children are relatively 'insensitive' to speech, even though their hearing is unimpaired.
Many meat processors in the state feel that the USDA inspection service is inflexible and 'insensitive' to their needs.
The followers we studied that hyperpolarize in response to HA and show increasing membrane conductance are 'insensitive' to NO.
Obviously this means he will find out the hard way, and kick himself for being so 'insensitive' to the life of another.
Not that I am 'insensitive' to Ms. Warner's plight.
Pupils at Bwacha High school in Kabwe yesterday demonstrated, demanding the removal of their head teacher whom they accused of being rude and 'insensitive' to their needs.
Estimation of the length for photoperiodically sensitive and 'insensitive' phases of each genotype on the basis of equation involves an iterative regression procedure.
Practice compassion, conquering callous, cruel and 'insensitive' feelings toward all beings.
The academy's headmaster is stressing that only adults can win the prizes, and he says he's not 'insensitive' to gun violence.
I accused him of being thoughtless and 'insensitive' to my needs.
I don't want the ability to be harsh or 'insensitive' just to shock my readers.
Next thing you take her at her word and you never hear the end of it… how all you care about is you, and how you are 'insensitive' and unfeeling!
We should point out that Rosenberger is by no means 'insensitive' to the responsibilities of those dishing out satire and ridicule.
To give any more away would make me as 'insensitive' and unfeeling as a cannibal.
Well, if he is two-faced, self-centred, plausibly insincere, manipulative and 'insensitive' … be concerned.
The paradox is that tilapia islets produce insulin in a very glucose sensitive manner but simultaneously appear to be peripherally 'insensitive' to insulin.
Examples of regulatory regions that were highly sensitive, moderately sensitive, and 'insensitive' were found.
He and other Democrats accused her of being 'insensitive' to victims of rape, housing discrimination, age discrimination and even racial discrimination.
The trouble is that in the process, it is only too easy to become 'insensitive' to some realities which ought to impinge on one's consciousness - and one's conscience.
Some might call him 'insensitive' , callous even, but he believes there's some plain talk that America and a large part of the rest of the world needs to hear.
'Government insensitive, failed to make GST gender-sensitive'
Narrow-minded and insensitive: Shakthisree on Rahman concert walkout
AAP slams Adityanath's 'insensitive' comment mocking people
Kejriwal government insensitive towards poor: BJP
Kejriwal government most insensitive in country: BJP leader
Siddaramaiah government 'irresponsible', 'insensitive': Amit Shah
No trace of nine missing girls, DCW chief says police 'insensitive'
Modi's statement on loan waivers dubbed 'insensitive'
Pak PM's aide trolled for insensitive comment on earthquake
Halsey sorry for insensitive 'eating disorder' photo
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