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his insistence on unilateral nuclear disarmament
the fact or quality of insisting that something is the case or should be done.
translation of 'insistence'
The palace's 'insistence' that the visit is not publicised until two weeks before has also caused problems.
Alison's 'insistence' on doing the washing-up straight after the meal
The 'insistence' is all the more remarkable as ministers currently have record amounts of funding from the taxpayer.
Part of its appeal must stem from his bizarre 'insistence' that while the plot is fiction, it is constructed on basic truths.
But the clubs' financial woes are exacerbated by their 'insistence' on paying players.
There are those who thought he had backed away a bit from his 'insistence' on fair trade.
It is yet another symptom of our approach to technology, our 'insistence' at robotic responses to human dilemmas.
What can be the explanation for this odd 'insistence' on counterproductive policy?
Its 'insistence' on being granted unlimited access to Kashmir is a one-sided affair.
Her gift for melody, her 'insistence' on shaping almost every piece as a song, gives her work a stamp of individuality.
Their 'insistence' on quality has struck a particularly strong chord with older customers.
Now those talks, at the player's own 'insistence' , will not take place until after the summer holidays.
his 'insistence' on unilateral nuclear disarmament
He is uncompromising in his 'insistence' on seeing the world from his own perspective and never pandering to audiences.
Then there is his long-running and mysterious 'insistence' on naming muscles.
Her 'insistence' on confrontation led Sapphire to look for her mother.
It was at his 'insistence' that she had started learning music and he wanted her to take up classical singing.
The rest of the clubs should wave them off with their blessing but with the firm 'insistence' that they will never be allowed to return.
The British 'insistence' on the rule of law is not only right in principle, but is also proving safer in practice for our troops.
What made Silicon Alley special was its 'insistence' that content is king.
The administration's 'insistence' that things are on track and all it must do is stay the course is beginning to grate.
No, this is indolence that is beyond even the animal kingdom in its 'insistence' .
‘Seven Nation Army,’ the opening track and first single, fares the best, with its muted 'insistency' and Jack White's inspired vocal turns.
I'm not a Wings fan really, but I quite like the pulsating 'insistency' and the layered backing vocals.
It was the first Cannes Film Festival of the new century, but it felt more like an end than a beginning, as the past returned, in film after film, with weight and 'insistency' .
But it is becoming apparent that these are all eclipsed by the English game's 'insistency' on burying its head in the sand and claiming it's all okay, really.
My chest begins to hurt with more 'insistency' , a couple of coughs rippling through me; there's no time for that now though, as my mind cries out in urgency.
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