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a prison inspector
an official employed to ensure that official regulations are obeyed, especially in public services.
Inspector Simmons
a police officer ranking below a superintendent or police chief.
translation of 'inspector'
Following the stories and letters in the Citizen regarding taxis using bus lanes I have met with a police 'inspector' and the truth appears to be emerging.
When the most pleasant person you meet on your way in is the ticket 'inspector' , you know things are bad.
Back in the police station, the 'inspector' slapped Baig many times and pushed him around.
The problem was that she was the wife of a police 'inspector' .
‘One of the prints we have found is yours,’ a Strathclyde Police detective 'inspector' told her.
The next day a police 'inspector' interrupted his speech to inform him that he was contravening a by-law by speaking in the square.
a prison 'inspector'
A ticket 'inspector' climbed aboard along the Whitechapel Road, failing to find anyone who'd sneaked on without paying.
A former ticket 'inspector' , Robert has worked at Sutton Coldfield station.
He was charged with carrying an offensive weapon, following a threat to a ticket 'inspector' who wanted to check his ticket for a second time.
A police 'inspector' had heard shouting, slaps and yelps through an open window and found the injured dog in bloody sheets of newspaper inside the house.
When we finally arrive in Paddington at half past ten, a ticket 'inspector' then demands that I pay the full fare.
I explained I had tried to buy a ticket but the 'inspector' was very rude and told me to get off.
A police 'inspector' standing nearby saw what was happening but did not intervene to help the plaintiff restrain the prisoner.
In 1853 he joined the Victoria police and served as 'inspector' and superintendent in various goldfield towns.
Perhaps I could buy a ticket off the ticket 'inspector' on the train I told myself.
An 'inspector' and several other police officers get out and stand in the middle of the road.
The police 'inspector' in charge of the operation owned up that his job was to calculate the number of officers used according to the rates set by the government.
an 'inspector' got on the bus
It's hard for me to imagine such a person holding a job as a cashier, much less a police 'inspector' .
building 'inspector'
I contacted a U.S. Secret Service 'inspector' and asked his official opinion about this device.
A police 'inspector' was arrested while on duty for alleged drink driving, a court heard.
I handed the 'inspector' the ticket, and I ran, and they ran after me.
Suddenly I get that feeling like when the bus 'inspector' asks for your ticket.
a prison 'inspector'
'inspector' of taxes
He claimed that a police 'inspector' who arrived at the scene made racist remarks about the victim.
The ticket 'inspector' is their high priest and the crowds gathered at the bus stops are their congregation.
This designation was challenged by developers at the public inquiry but the 'inspector' has backed up the planners.
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