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the team's inspirational captain
providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration.
Its current education programme is extensive, innovative and 'inspirational' .
This 'inspirational' player broke round the blind side and was stopped just short of the try line.
As headteacher at Ifield Special School he has been dynamic, 'inspirational' and innovative.
His moving delivery and 'inspirational' monologues give heart to the whole spectacle.
This was played with delicacy, freshness, and youthful energy, and was 'inspirational' .
One does not have to look far for the 'inspirational' source for this sentence.
I want our captain to be 'inspirational' , to say the right things off the pitch.
There have been some 'inspirational' women who have shaped my life, but admittedly not many.
He has mental toughness and is a strong character and an 'inspirational' captain.
Vic never wrote anything before his 'inspirational' moment in the bath back in 1996.
Skilful, robust and 'inspirational' players are plentiful in this part of the land.
It is a wracking emotional journey which never strays from its 'inspirational' purpose.
She says Mullan's attitude towards the realities of the creative process were 'inspirational' .
He passed the ball accurately and made some tremendous 'inspirational' runs down the left.
In any enterprise of this sort, it goes without saying there's going to be an 'inspirational' man or woman behind it.
The 'inspirational' blueprint for the city centre has been published to a generally positive reception.
How far she was 'inspirational' in the actual composition of the work remains essentially problematic.
It was an 'inspirational' score and the students began to enjoy their best spell.
Lill's brilliance at the keyboard is an 'inspirational' example of how talent can overcome adversity.
Last night's ceremony was a moving and uplifting occasion as their 'inspirational' stories were told.
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