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political and economic instability
lack of stability; the state of being unstable.
translation of 'instability'
I do not think that it by any means implies mental 'instability' of any kind.
A feud with her two older sisters over her boyfriend added to her mental 'instability' .
The cast skilfully confronted the delicate issue of mental 'instability' with poise and sensitivity.
Once his mental 'instability' manifested itself, she won a divorce, but she did not seem so very fond of him in the first place.
Moving from job to job is seen as a sign of 'instability' rather than a sign of success.
It is possible for a man to get a fake doctor's certificate to prove the mental 'instability' of his wife and get a divorce.
she showed increasing signs of mental 'instability'
He is unbalanced, and that mental 'instability' makes him a danger to himself and to others.
Ying Tong is about the relationship between creativity and mental 'instability' .
Mental 'instability' affects almost everyone at some time in their lives.
It emerged that Sharpe had a history of mental 'instability' and had had psychiatric treatment.
political and economic 'instability'
You do still wonder why her closest friends are so willing to indulge her mood swings and are so oblivious to her 'instability' .
This may be a reflection of Victorian attitudes towards mental 'instability' .
I think that it requires a serious state of mental 'instability' to be incited to copy what you see on a television screen.
she showed increasing signs of mental 'instability'
political and economic 'instability'
Why wasn't his mental 'instability' spotted before this terrible incident?
If you break supersymmetry, if you do it the wrong way, you're going to get a cosmological constant that's much too big, and then you may well get associated problems, such as 'instabilities' , runaways and so on.
Far from strengthening Australian capitalism, the global integration of production has left it highly vulnerable to the 'instabilities' of world economy.
Some simple arithmetic can give us a broader view of these structural 'instabilities' .
Historically, government priorities and technical directions have changed more frequently than would be justified by technology lifetimes, creating market 'instabilities' .
People who are my age are growing up with impending problems, such as major environmental 'instabilities' and global warming.
Moreover, he argues that both anarchy and empire are extreme conditions, the natural 'instabilities' of which tend to push the norm into the middle ranges of the spectrum.
A grimmer possibility is that new 'instabilities' are emerging.
Due to the soft nature of these samples quantitative measurements of small 'instabilities' were rather difficult.
Temperature differences cause 'instabilities' and drive winds, and unstable disturbances grow into powerful storms.
Many 'instabilities' of the past quarter century have especially affected young males.
Possible disputes tie into the domestic 'instabilities' of both states and symbolize the political threat that they pose to each other.
This may be due to mental problems (low IQ, 'instabilities' , whatever) or to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control.
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