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the first installment of a grant for housing
a sum of money due as one of several equal payments for something, spread over an agreed period of time.
filming the final installment in his Vietnam trilogy
any of several parts of something that are published, broadcast, or made public in sequence at intervals.
translation of 'installment'
We gaze obediently like cattle at the television screen perched above, broadcasting the latest 'installment' of a Spanish soap opera.
In all truthfulness, this exaggerated approach does work for this film - but it will get too over-the-top in the final 'installment' of the series.
They chose the final 'installment' in the newspaper pollution series for a ‘toe-in-the-water’ test.
The report also said continued auto-promotion campaigns featuring low interest rates, low down payments and long 'installment' periods also contributed.
filming the final 'installment' in his Vietnam trilogy
the first 'installment' of a grant for housing
'installment' will begin early next year
Thirty years after his death, and fifty years after the book was published, the final 'installment' of the trilogy was released.
Of course we're kidding, Sean will be back next week with the final 'installment' .
Follow along as I now review the final 'installment' to this thrilling saga!
After the 2003 release of The Return of the King, its final 'installment' , The Lord of the Rings will finally get the chance to be viewed and judged as a whole work.
The January wage was distributed in 'installments' , only half of February was paid, and March salaries are still outstanding.
filming the final 'instalment' in his Vietnam trilogy
Its 'instalment' has increased the systems capacity to 8,000 of a population.
Two more 'installments' of the British documentary series Chaplin Today are offered here.
These commissions were to be payable in four equal 'instalments' after the payment of each instalment provided for in the shipbuilding contracts had been paid by Latreefers to the Yard's bank.
The series A Sense of Place will be launched during this special programme and the first 'instalment' will be broadcast from 10.15 to 10.45 am.
The contribution is to be paid when they file their income tax return or make 'installments' payments, where applicable.
I was charged according to my income and the amount can be settled in 'installments' - interest free.
Is it a mystery, a comedy, a thriller or the last 'instalment' of the X-Files?
'instalment' will begin early next year
In addition to the increased exemptions, you can also elect to pay your taxes in 'installments' .
In some industrial and construction loans the amount lent may be drawn down by the borrower in 'instalments' within an agreed period.
Formerly, owners who sold their companies through asset sales and received the payment in 'installments' had to pay taxes on an installment basis also.
Kent asked to be permitted to make payment of premium in 'instalments' beginning with US $70,000 at the end of July 1994.
Clone Wars takes place between the second and third 'installments' of George Lucas's prequel trilogy.
For example, insurance companies are able to let customers make 'instalment' payments on insurance policies without a fee where previously there was one.
The policies typically vest in 10 to 20 years, after which investors can withdraw the money in 'installments' or leave it where it is.
They're typically paid in 'installments' over five to seven years, and you pay taxes only as you receive money.
You will be expected to make a significant down payment, with the balance by agreed 'instalments' over a short period.
Aadhar not mandatory for second installment of PM-KISAN
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