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there was insufficient evidence to convict him
not enough; inadequate.
translation of 'insufficient'
The only complaint about the Royal Bolton is 'insufficient' parking facilities!
In military terms, striking at insurgents and terrorists is necessary but 'insufficient' .
Greig added that some minor roads in rural areas might have to be shut down if there are 'insufficient' funds to fix them.
It is thought the amount of smoke created would also have been 'insufficient' to cause the man's death.
Now they have been informed that beds are available but staffing levels are 'insufficient' to take him.
Tough laws are 'insufficient' to find a solution to such a terrible scourge.
That was arguably too prescriptive and pedagogic with 'insufficient' human interest.
The report found many examples of good work but said 'insufficient' priority was being given to the issue.
It strikes me as incredible that 'insufficient' thought and planning was given to such a major activity.
I think the amount of police officers is 'insufficient' , I think we need loads more.
So far there has been 'insufficient' evidence to link financially any of the visits to a particular member.
The plant could then be converted for other uses, seeing as there is 'insufficient' demand for Rover cars.
Anything less and he would have 'insufficient' time to settle into the job.
It's caused by an 'insufficient' level of insulin, a glucose regulating hormone.
These causes might be anything from 'insufficient' training to inadequate technology.
My offence, so far as I could tell, was to show 'insufficient' respect to cabinet ministers.
However a review document produced by the group warns that current funding is 'insufficient' .
Have houses prices too low, and there'll be 'insufficient' investment in the area.
However, that leaves 'insufficient' time to organise live coverage for Saturday.
He was charged with murder in 1997 but the case was dropped due to 'insufficient' evidence.
In a considerable proportion it was 'insufficiently' described and sometimes inadequately applied.
He is upset because magistrates deemed a bouncer that he hired was 'insufficiently' trained, despite being licensed by the authority.
He said the order book had been 'insufficiently' strong.
Mined areas are 'insufficiently' signed, or entirely unmarked.
Disappointingly, the apricot and ginger trifle in a mascarpone custard was both too gingery and 'insufficiently' apricoty.
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