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you're insulting the woman I love
speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse.
insulting remarks
disrespectful or scornfully abusive.
translation of 'insulting '
निन्दा करनेवाला,
अनादर करनेवाला,
अपमानित करनेवाला,
गाली देनेवाला
They are 'insulting' to the thousands of parents who have entrusted their children to this school system.
His response could scarcely be any more 'insulting' to the intelligence of every reader.
Diana also believed her salary to be virtually 'insulting' .
Even more 'insulting' , some critics said, was the fact that the conventions were being relegated to cable news networks.
This 'insulting' decision speaks volumes about the direction sports is headed.
The 'insulting' character of the criticism, however, prevented some from delving more deeply into the controversy.
I know that men with literary reputations to polish might find it 'insulting' .
Not only was he rude for declining the invitation, but his reason for declining was 'insulting' to the host.
Whoever came up with the idea to push an 'insulting' ad like that on the population should be fired.
He said the name never has been, nor is it intended to be 'insulting' to anyone.
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