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this would make the system more intelligible to the general public
able to be understood; comprehensible.
translation of 'intelligible'
Studies show that a person is more 'intelligible' to an individual who can both see and hear them than for either method alone.
For the last year or so of his life, he never uttered one 'intelligible' word or showed the slightest sign of knowing who or where he was.
Before he could make any 'intelligible' reply, the doors behind the reception slid open and a pretty secretary walked out.
I am quite confident that I am more 'intelligible' than you.
How much can you leave out while keeping it 'intelligible' , he asks?
I had to clear my throat a few times before I could give him an 'intelligible' reply.
It was a fine introduction - familiar enough to be 'intelligible' , different enough to be intriguing.
Attendees are guaranteed that at least one-third of all words used will be 'intelligible' to the general public.
Very little of it is 'intelligible' , you understand, but don't think that stops her in the least.
He got a sensible and 'intelligible' reply from Natasha.
The surrounds are used appropriately and dialogue is clear and 'intelligible' .
Many of the items which are found in the media and commonly used in town speech are not 'intelligible' to the average rural adult speaker.
He came across something that struck me as 'intelligible' .
Mine was only a middle-ranking independent school, so that's why I was relatively 'intelligible' but prone to waffling after a few glasses of sherry.
He remains one of the rare leading academics whose work is 'intelligible' to normal people.
While it's clear and 'intelligible' , a musical really deserves at least a stereo soundtrack.
That makes the lyrics 'intelligible' without reducing the music's intensity.
The individual cannot make himself 'intelligible' to anybody.
An examination structure, 'intelligible' to pupils, parents and employers, must be a priority as a means of getting these proposals off the ground.
We're hardly capable of 'intelligible' conversation, and those smiles over the mulled wine and mince pies/beer and crisps verge on the frantic.
The idea that accent determines intellect is totally bogus, and mistakes 'intelligibility' for intelligence.
They vary in clarity, 'intelligibility' , accessibility of writing, and in the quality of their observations, conclusions, and recommendations.
She speaks 'intelligibly' , although it takes a bit of effort to understand what she's saying.
He waited, not trusting himself to speak 'intelligibly' .
During their second year, toddlers begin to talk 'intelligibly' and by their second birthday they can happily chatter away.
Are notes articulated clearly and 'intelligibly' ?
The result is reduced clarity and 'intelligibility' .
The case can be put quite simply and 'intelligibly' .
The main complaint about each was the lack of clarity - affecting not just the visual but 'intelligibility' .
So, I do insist on maintaining 'intelligibility' .
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