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fully sighted children in interactive play with others with defective vision
(of two people or things) influencing or having an effect on each other.
translation of 'interactive'
परस्पर संवादात्मक
A Braintree couple narrowly failed to win the UK's first 'interactive' wedding.
It combines a collection of magical stories about the city with an 'interactive' adventure trail.
Nine children's drama groups have produced an 'interactive' performance.
The 'interactive' TV will carry features including email, instant messaging and chat.
Some were more 'interactive' than others, and there were times when I felt bored.
They increase response times of 'interactive' electronic devices, as well as with the internet.
Plugged into an 'interactive' whiteboard, it could tell a student if the answer proposed was correct, for example.
The conference will wrap up on the third day with an 'interactive' session.
Instead, exams will resemble 'interactive' video games and will be set and marked by computer.
His talk concluded with a brief 'interactive' exercise involving the students.
There was some 'interactive' discussion with the representative of Ravens Group along with some member of the public.
The improvement in graphics has vastly outstripped advances in 'interactive' technology.
You can explore glorious colour images of galaxies and the remnants of dying stars through an 'interactive' jigsaw puzzle.
He has worked for museums, building 'interactive' exhibits and curating and designing exhibitions.
The finishing touches are being put to the biggest-ever 'interactive' exhibition to come to Manchester.
However, this leaves a huge range of consumer goods that can use newer, bigger, 'interactive' screens.
The icon means there is an 'interactive' calculator in this section.
Political Compass is a simple 'interactive' website that allows you to gauge your true political allegiance.
We used spatial 'interactive' modelling methods to reflect the influence of supply on usage.
So, classes should be 'interactive' , the teacher more a facilitator than a figure of authority.
An interesting new application of display promotion is the use of 'interactive' computers.
The fondue was a fun, 'interactive' meal, making for a most enjoyable evening at Elisabelle.
The Scottish Seabird Centre on the harbour front is a fascinating diversion offering 'interactive' family fun.
So why not give them a passport to capture their achievements in a fun and 'interactive' way?
It'll take an awful lot more than a few 'interactive' websites to sort that mess out.
This software can also be used for online quizzes and 'interactive' games and videos.
Other technologies, such as 'interactive' TV, will take much of the betting cash.
It is more like an 'interactive' computer adventure-game than an Ordnance Survey sheet.
These works have 'interactive' video and sound controlled by a viewer's body presence.
The museum also has a community fire safety room, with an 'interactive' exhibit of a fire-damaged bedroom.
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