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संबंध रखना
the way human activities interconnect with the environment
connect with each other.
Device interconnects and methods of making the same are described.
a device used to connect two things together.
translation of 'interconnect'
परस्‍पर संबद्ध होना,
अन्‍योन्‍याश्रित करना
संबंध रखना,
ताल्लुक रखना,
पत्र-व्यवहार करना
the way human activities 'interconnect' with the environment
A copper 'interconnect' is formed and electrically coupled to the integrated circuit component.
The house has three reception rooms, including generously-sized drawing and dining rooms which 'interconnect' via double doors.
The same transceivers can also be used as a backplane 'interconnect' between multiple devices.
This standard defines the rules for exchanging information between SCSI devices using a serial 'interconnect' .
Double panelled doors 'interconnect' with a spacious kitchen/dining room to the rear.
Secondly, mobile phones, landlines, IP telephony all now can 'interconnect' with one another, making the world a smaller place.
Using the map, the request from the processor is translated into a configuration cycle on the 'interconnect' to access the device's configuration data space.
To the left are a pair of formal reception rooms, the drawing and dining rooms, which 'interconnect' with double doors.
The utilities are required to allow independent power producers to 'interconnect' with the grid, and the companies must purchase any resulting excess energy.
Bluetooth is a specification that describes how computers and devices like mobile phones can easily 'interconnect' with each other using a short-range wireless connection.
the way human activities 'interconnect' with the environment
Here you'll find another 40 km of trails, which 'interconnect' with the downhill ski area.
Other units were worked out to 'interconnect' with the meter.
Double panelled doors 'interconnect' with the family room where the walls are part-panelled.
The 'interconnect' also connects the nodes to I / O devices, including disk storage and network interfaces.
Eventually the blades might also connect to a Fibre Channel SAN via a fiber 'interconnect' on the backplane.
Two large rooms, originally a set of bedrooms, which 'interconnect' through folding doors are off to the left.
a high-speed data service can 'interconnect' the hundreds of thousands of host computers and workstations
They 'interconnect' with the castle architecture.
We recognize a diversity of living organisms in nature as the product of a historical process and whose parts 'interconnect' with each other and with their environment.
If the magnetic field in the solar wind is directed southward, it can 'interconnect' with the Earth's northward-oriented magnetic field.
These new carriers must 'interconnect' with both existing carriers and with each other to provide global service to their corporate customers.
The two main reception rooms 'interconnect' via double doors.
Notably, they have to 'interconnect' with networks and not mess with content.
For instance, it specifies how mobile phones, WIDs, computers and PDAs 'interconnect' with each other, with computers, and with office or home phones.
The first type of cable is called an 'interconnect' , which is used to connect various components together (such as a CD player to a receiver).
And so as they come closer you start to understand how they're 'interconnecting' .
The factory will combine copper 'interconnects' , silicon-on-insulator and low-k dielectric insulation on 300 mm wafers.
The technical drivers for sensor development come not only from materials science but from innovations in low-cost, large-scale manufacturing of 'interconnects' , microelectronics, and micromachining.
COAI rejects Jio's request for additional point of interconnect
TRAI meets telcos over interconnect issue
TRAI meets telcos over interconnect issue, COAI kept out
Airtel assures better interconnection, Jio welcomes move
Vodafone offers to triple interconnect points, Jio says inadequate
Idea Cellular provides more interconnection ports to Reliance Jio
Jio has been given sufficient interconnection points: Airtel
Jio denies Airtel's claim of providing enough interconnect points
Jio writes to telecoms for sufficient points of interconnection
Airtel, Vodafone, Idea fined for denial of interconnection to Jio
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