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महाद्वीपीयों के बीच का
an intercontinental flight
relating to or traveling between continents.
translation of 'intercontinental'
महाद्वीपीयों के बीच का
The speed of travel favours 'intercontinental' spread of disease.
One way this could occur is with the development of 'intercontinental' ballistic travel.
An 'intercontinental' ballistic missile has a range of more than 5,500 km.
Two months later, she and he took separate 'intercontinental' flights to Calcutta.
He has been driving a long time but only for about six months on 'intercontinental' journeys.
The world's fastest-growing 'intercontinental' airline will initially launch three non-stop flights a week to the Seychelles.
It has 5,286 nuclear warheads and 2,922 'intercontinental' missiles.
On 'intercontinental' flights that last as long as 20 hours, four pilots rotate with only one takeoff and one landing to hone their flying skills.
The prosecution told the jury the men ran the 'intercontinental' smuggling operation along strict business lines.
Even the longest 'intercontinental' flights are briefer than the incubation period of any human infectious disease.
If they had 'intercontinental' ballistic missiles and hydrogen bombs, they'd use those.
Airline travel has now supplanted travel in ocean liners as the principal means of 'intercontinental' travel, and the same three class structure has asserted itself.
History has shown it to be an ideal staging post for 'intercontinental' trade.
Of course, this also means affordable, private 'intercontinental' ballistic missiles.
Well, it's interesting that the way space travel started was through 'intercontinental' missiles and rockets and then we had the shuttle, which looked a bit more like a plane.
It would have been hard to say otherwise of what is obviously an 'intercontinental' epidemic.
The proposed system is supposed to intercept 'intercontinental' ballistic missiles minutes after launch, while their rocket boosters are still burning.
In a fairly short time, it could have an 'intercontinental' capability.
Larger rockets to carry nuclear bombs on 'intercontinental' flights were developed during the Cold War.
The fee charged by British Airways will be 20 euro, the same for European and 'intercontinental' flights.
Perhaps he will write a memoir about his experience and tell us how an artist can survive 'intercontinentally' , with all his universal linguistic gifts, tribal and singular.
The apparent inconsistency in its range 'intercontinentally' has been noted above.
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