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an interdisciplinary research program
of or relating to more than one branch of knowledge.
It's supposed to be 'interdisciplinary' , not just dance, dance, dance.
His work in the Graduate School focuses on implementing programs that encourage 'interdisciplinary' graduate study.
Its approach was 'interdisciplinary' and included creative work in writing, drama and visual arts.
Such 'interdisciplinary' research is at an early stage in Britain.
We already have a model of a successful international, 'interdisciplinary' approach.
Dietitians should be introduced to 'interdisciplinary' research in undergraduate programs.
I am left wondering how successful our attempts at 'interdisciplinary' research are actually going.
Some are 'interdisciplinary' programmes, allowing specialists from other departments to pass on their expertise.
In the 'interdisciplinary' type of programme the therapists work as a team and consult and monitor each other's work.
Much of his work requires an 'interdisciplinary' approach involving social scientists and researchers in various fields.
We knew that without financial support, 'interdisciplinary' research might never get off the ground.
Within medicine there is more 'interdisciplinary' work, and research has increased.
He suggested the Society could do more to encourage 'interdisciplinary' research.
For me, for a long time, 'interdisciplinary' research was my favorite conception.
Today, much of the most exciting work being done, and the best funded, is 'interdisciplinary' research.
This 'interdisciplinary' field involves people from many backgrounds and many interests.
It will be possible only through 'interdisciplinary' collaboration and depend upon wireless data services to work.
Smith believes this will be detrimental to the 'interdisciplinary' nature of the program.
To develop the model, a pilot program was structured via 'interdisciplinary' input.
Funding should focus on 'interdisciplinary' teams and avoid narrowly focused discipline research.
Indian, Norwegian researchers to urge UGC on interdisciplinary energy education
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