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But that's not what my interlocutors , particularly the German ones, really want.
a person who takes part in a dialogue or conversation.
A while later, after having had the opportunity to reflect on the 'interlocution' , I came to realise how professionally it was done.
All of these narratives unfold partly as dialogues with what seem to be sympathetic but ineffectual 'interlocutors' , perhaps lawyers.
David Makinson is reacting to the style of my 'interlocution' , not its content.
This is the response I wrote to one of my 'interlocutors' in the comments.
The researchers constructed hypothetical conversations that differed in terms of their 'interlocutors' , place, and topic.
With a minimum of plot, drama emerges from the power struggle and hide-and-seek of 'interlocution' .
For the last three days I have been listening to recordings of oral 'interlocutions' of such a numbing homogeneity as to leave your correspondent jaded in the extreme.
But that's not what my 'interlocutors' , particularly the German ones, really want.
Perhaps we are now in a better position, after our 'interlocutions' with Douglas and Balthasar, to argue this more fully in closing.
This is why the current engagement between my 'interlocutors' and myself is particularly valuable.
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