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intermediaries between lenders and borrowers
a person who acts as a link between people in order to try to bring about an agreement or reconciliation; a mediator.
an intermediary stage
translation of 'intermediary'
In other words, hair fibers may transfer through an 'intermediary' surface.
A score of zero indicates absence of symptoms, three represents maximum severity, while scores of one and two are 'intermediary' statements.
There were few 'intermediary' institutions for them to negotiate with.
He said this could revive the banking sector's 'intermediary' role, which has been drastically weakened since the financial crisis.
Rochester's writings embody many of the contradictions of this 'intermediary' era.
It should be permissible, for instance, for 'intermediary' tables to differentiate between smokers and non-smokers.
Back in the office, you can download the data to a workstation without 'intermediary' paperwork.
Oates had authorised a complex series of back-to-back loans through 'intermediary' companies.
Government agencies should therefore take on an 'intermediary' role.
We have a new big boss and one of her first decisions is to be whether we have an 'intermediary' boss.
The 'intermediary' level was to be paved, with a narrow planting area along the left wall as you look at the stone planters and steps.
It makes the 'intermediary' role of doctors mandatory for the purpose.
Companies would no longer have to spend on 'intermediary' software that made the connections for them, often on a custom basis.
In many cases, traditional 'intermediary' firms are using electronic media as a way of optimizing their services.
The flat bones ossify directly from such fibrous tissue rather than from 'intermediary' cartilage.
Therefore, by using nickel as an 'intermediary' metal the joint can be made.
These new businesses provide a ‘trusted 'intermediary' layer’ between the client and suppliers.
We used a 'intermediary' system to talk between various devices.
He said the registration of tenancies with the statutory board threatened to compromise its 'intermediary' role.
Since then, he said, public support has fallen because there are no more 'intermediary' benchmarks.
The press release called on 'intermediaries' to improve the way they give advice on sub prime mortgages.
So we do our best to do that through 'intermediaries' and through our local security and police authorities.
Other 'intermediaries' such as agents and brokers do not take title to goods.
In the days before the internet, cutting out 'intermediaries' and selling motor insurance down a phone line was revolutionary.
The Broker Network brings together more than 100 independent 'intermediaries' from around the country.
Initially we thought of ourselves as little more than the 'intermediaries' between these various artists and a public.
These could be readily expanded in anticipation of public policy changes to enhance the role of health 'intermediaries' .
Initially the loans will only be available through 'intermediaries' , but are expected to be rolled out in the branches shortly after.
By bypassing profiteering 'intermediaries' , farmers can get a fair price for their product.
Migrants also relied on 'intermediaries' to negotiate with corrupt authorities that demanded bribes at international borders.
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