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ग्रहों के बीच का
interplanetary missions
situated or traveling between planets.
translation of 'interplanetary'
ग्रहों के बीच का
Modern 'interplanetary' spacecraft explore their target planets and moons with the aid of robots, and these robots are also becoming very small.
The real payoff in present terms is the spinoff technology that will be used for future lunar and 'interplanetary' missions.
Parker also showed how the solar wind would carry the solar magnetic field into 'interplanetary' space.
Orion was originally designed as an 'interplanetary' spacecraft for missions to the Moon or Mars, but the design was adapted for interstellar travel.
In 'interplanetary' space, the fast wind often collides with the slow wind.
Fragments of asteroids and comets pervade 'interplanetary' space.
That means 'interplanetary' missions would no longer need to wait for a ‘shortest journey’ launch window.
The amount and efficiency of the energy released by fusion makes it a good candidate for 'interplanetary' travel.
However, planning 'interplanetary' journeys is more complicated than just taking account of the distances.
For 'interplanetary' missions, such windows are much stricter than for satellites orbiting the Earth.
In addition, most upper stages that are used to propel systems to high orbits or even into 'interplanetary' trajectories are also solid-fuel systems.
Generally a spacecraft is first placed in an Earth parking orbit, and from there is given another boost to give it the appropriate 'interplanetary' trajectory.
If plans for 'interplanetary' human space missions are to be realised, with a return journey of up to a couple of years, future astronauts will have to be able to act during a medical emergency.
The ringed world of Saturn is almost a year of 'interplanetary' travel away.
The shuttle was everyone's competitor, from small low Earth orbit payloads to big 'interplanetary' missions.
But on 'interplanetary' missions, astronauts will experience this damaging radiation full force.
I am now personally accountable for some of the solar system's 'interplanetary' debris.
The Judges would select a developing planet that was about to develop 'interplanetary' travel to which to send a subject for five years.
Its principal responsibilities are to support 'interplanetary' spacecraft missions and radio and radar astronomy observations.
These flowing charged particles constitute and interact with an 'interplanetary' magnetic field.
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