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The pair sat in the dock flanked by four police officers and the proceedings were translated by an interpreter .
a person who interprets, especially one who translates speech orally.
translation of 'interpreter'
When an error occurs, the Ruby 'interpreter' packages the error in an exception object.
The pair sat in the dock flanked by four police officers and the proceedings were translated by an 'interpreter' .
He looked exhausted and uncomfortable as he waited for the 'interpreter' to translate.
The first line ensures that we run the Ruby 'interpreter' , regardless of where it might be in our path.
For about ten minutes, one gentleman asked me questions in English, and the 'interpreter' translated them into Czech.
The check is aimed at ensuring that no incongruent code is executed by the filter 'interpreter' .
As for the use of the Maori language, how can an 'interpreter' translate adequately on the spur of the moment?
There was much chatter, much nodding, then an expectant silence as the 'interpreter' translated.
The British interpreter gave his version to the Russian 'interpreter' who then translated for Stalin.
The resulting machine code is stored in memory and lost when the 'interpreter' terminates.
Then he watches as an 'interpreter' translates for me, and nods to check I have understood.
This code easily can cause a case of the 'interpreter' doing what you said, not what you meant.
As a rule, 'interpreters' are supposed to translate between their mother tongue and another language.
May Congress enact laws that instruct courts and other 'interpreters' how to interpret future laws?
There is often a need to employ 'interpreters' to assist with interviews, in some cases working in dialects from remote parts of the world.
She says many Bulgarians speak excellent English and there is no shortage of 'interpreters' or translators.
However, is it reasonable for the committee to ask that I provide translation and 'interpreters' ?
Only a few cinemas were equipped with earphones through which to hear 'interpreters' translating the dialogues in the films for the audiences.
But 'interpreters' go further than translators who deal in written works - they deal with the spoken word.
An additional expense may be the cost of translations and 'interpreters' .
Only a few English and Canadian personnel remained, mostly acting as translators and 'interpreters' .
That does not include the cost for medical expenses, 'interpreters' and lawyers.
Thousands of translators and 'interpreters' around the world continue to perform essential tasks in often less-than-ideal conditions.
This will mean 20 official languages, requiring in each case 150 new translators and 'interpreters' .
MIT students recruited as 'interpreters' will provide translations.
Google Assistant to get smarter with Interpreter mode
Internet hails Prince William for honouring deaf interpreter
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