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would he keep his mouth shut under interrogation ?
the action of interrogating or the process of being interrogated.
translation of 'interrogation'
'interrogation' methods
He acknowledged this and said he arrived on the scene too late - the search and 'interrogation' had already begun.
During 'interrogation' they disclosed that the box was stolen from a cycle shop.
I think you can use rough 'interrogation' , you may be able to use trickery, questions.
Even if a woman constable was called most of the time she stayed outside the room during her 'interrogation' .
He died after reportedly undergoing 'interrogation' by a private contract employee of the CIA.
Initially Iranian authorities said she had died of a stroke while under 'interrogation' .
They are often tortured during 'interrogation' and some of them are found dead.
Classes are conducted in the traditional Socratic method of rigorous 'interrogation' .
He added that a report would be prepared on the basis of his 'interrogation' .
Ministers had previously denied the army used hooding during 'interrogation' .
Prior 'interrogation' allowed the witness to see what investigators suspected and prepare an explanation.
Uncomfortable silences are a tactic used by police 'interrogation' , film crews, counsellors.
There are people saying they were told to prepare people for 'interrogation' .
he admitted under 'interrogation' that the car was stolen
They were only released to eat, pray, go to the toilet and for daily 'interrogation' .
Upon 'interrogation' , the thieves admitted that they had gone through special training.
He was taken into the custody for joint 'interrogation' by the police and intelligence agencies.
The man beside me told the guard I had just come from 'interrogation' .
The only record of the two-day 'interrogation' is a summary written afterwards by one of the agents who carried it out.
would he keep his mouth shut under 'interrogation' ?
would he keep his mouth shut under 'interrogation' ?
And so began a horrendous sequence of 'interrogation' and beatings lasting at least six hours.
she had to endure the usual 'interrogation' by her father
There are things here which are not offered for serious 'interrogation' .
Many, however, will likely be deported, often to countries that don't offer protection from 'interrogational' abuse.
I lecture each year at the Department of Public Safety of Texas, the Texas rangers, primarily, and I conduct 'interrogational' seminars throughout the United States - ten to fifteen a year.
At the same time the model does not completely bar the possibility that 'interrogational' torture will be used by officials and later ratified by the public.
There is gratuitous torture, 'interrogational' torture, judicial torture, vengeful torture, intimidational torture, torture as punishment and noble cause torture.
In applied ethics, my two most extensive research programs are on the moral permissibility of 'interrogational' torture and on ethical issues surrounding new technologies.
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