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a chance to study without interruption
the action of interrupting or being interrupted.
translation of 'interruption'
I had expected a degree of disturbance and 'interruption' as I switched over to Retirement Pension from Incapacity Benefit, and still do.
I used to laugh it off, referring to it as a ‘bad drip,’ but the joke has worn thin over the years, to the extent that now the whole thing is no more than a boring 'interruption' to my daily life.
It is very expensive to have staff doing nothing if there is an 'interruption' of supply.
An alternative might be to arm myself for parties, or visits to the pub, with soundbites so short that they are barely capable of 'interruption' .
There has been some 'interruption' to services and it's hoped that operations will be back to normal as soon as possible.
But the bottom line is that it is attempting to prevent its citizens from being wiped out, in a war that has been waged against it without 'interruption' for more than half a decade by people who wish to eradicate it.
Apart from an 'interruption' for a serious neck injury in 1992, his career has been one of relentless achievement since he took up rugby at his comprehensive in Barking at the age of 14.
a chance to study without 'interruption'
There's likely to be an 'interruption' to our quiet winter days this year, and I'm hoping to get it over with before settling down by a different fireside, in a different location.
It was almost as if the two month lay-off had been of benefit rather than a frustrating 'interruption' to a burgeoning career.
Some of our local businesses are not in a position to accommodate any further 'interruption' to business.
An extra £79 million was claimed for business 'interruption' .
Try to find a quiet place that has no possibility of disturbance or 'interruption' .
The answer must be to plan new developments so as to minimise the disturbance and 'interruption' they can cause, and to improve the compensation code to alleviate any remaining distress.
The need to keep chugging along with minimum 'interruption' to the relentless process of clocking up more and more miles means that refuelling of the body must take place on the move.
a chance to study without 'interruption'
We are here to minimise the costs incurred from business 'interruption' and get commercial organisations back on their feet as soon as possible.
she ignored the 'interruption' and carried on
The area will slowly open up to tourism, but the priority is to allow the Aboriginal communities to maintain their way of life without obtrusive 'interruption' .
Not that I'm not pleased to have a straight day to write in, but I'll be even more pleased when promotion season is over and I can get back to making stuff up without 'interruption' .
I could've done without the 'interruption'
the programme will be run without 'interruption'
Here was a place where she could dream to her heart's content in peaceful solitude and study her scores without 'interruption' .
As a student of waves, Cass is steadfast in his insistence that this period is an 'interruption' - not a halt: a technology downturn, not a global downturn.
a brief 'interruption' of play
she ignored the 'interruption' and carried on
students returning to education after an 'interruption' in their career
As the Internet continues to expand in volume and diversity without 'interruption' , only a relatively small percent of its total mass will be money-making.
A personal dream at the moment, after all the frantic activity of the past year, would be to settle for a holiday or, failing that, a shot on the swings without 'interruption' .
This month the hospital began trialling a pilot scheme to give older patients a quiet window in the afternoons when they can eat their evening meal without 'interruption' .
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