English to Hindi Dictionary intimidate


he tries to intimidate his rivals
frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants.
translation of 'intimidate'
अभित्रस्त करना,
भय दिखाना
भयभीत करना,
धमकी देना,
She had been in here far too many times to allow the darkness to 'intimidate' her in any way.
No amount of threats will 'intimidate' or frighten us off our path for fairness and justice.
I can't say that the bullying didn't occasionally get to me, but I didn't let them 'intimidate' me.
The running dogs of the masculinist oppressors will never 'intimidate' me!
These are designed to 'intimidate' you back to work before you start.
Our country is still the target of terrorists who want to kill many and 'intimidate' us all.
the forts are designed to 'intimidate' the nationalist population
he tries to 'intimidate' his rivals
Don't let politicians or the media browbeat you, 'intimidate' you or lie about you.
So to be honest, it 'intimidates' me, a lowly four-day-a-week contractor.
Maybe I was too 'intimidated' to help out, or maybe I was still trying to digest it all.
Otherwise 'intimidations' or harassments follows and you simply cannot win a government contract without political affiliation or patronization.
This town is being held hostage by mugs, thugs, murderers and 'intimidators' .
The riot squad were quite provocative, aggressive and 'intimidatory' .
He could not understand the need for so many people to attend if the aim was merely peaceful persuasion: threats of violence and 'intimidatory' language were inconsistent in any event with such peaceful persuasion.
I stride over, boots thumping 'intimidatingly' on the wooden floor, throw open the door, and what do I find on my porch?
I don't usually argue back to him, he 'intimidates' me, but he caught me at a bad time.
I could leave him here without water, even as I hear the 'intimidators' boasting of how he begs for it.
A schoolboy was today behind bars for subjecting a family to a campaign of terror and 'intimidation' .
Many coaches are professional bullies and 'intimidators' .
I don't think respect is something that you can get by 'intimidating' someone.
In my last week I was 'intimidated' by drug users, ordered around like a lackey, and threatened.
The violence is indirect and 'intimidatory' as much as coercive, certainly, although its intent is not to convert but to drive out those who identify with the victims.
Threats and 'intimidations' notwithstanding, the twin cities came alive with youngsters presenting themselves in all dazzling colours - clothes, bikes, and of course partners.
It actually slightly 'intimidated' me in return, which I guess was the point.
The red dot is better seen, not as some magic 'intimidator' , but as something that lets you get on target if you have to fire from an awkward angle where you can't bring the gun to line of sight.
Oh I forgot, the nice man 'intimidated' her into signing the car documents over to him.
She seems intelligent, and is not too 'intimidatingly' beautiful.
Although he was quite 'intimidated' by her appearance, the butler gathered up all of his nerve to speak to her.
Walk into his student lodgings and realise they're straight out of one of those 'intimidatingly' white interior design magazines expensive hairdressing salons leave on their coffee-tables.
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