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he was intolerant of ignorance
not tolerant of views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one's own.
translation of 'intolerant'
State-sponsored secularism, legally tightening its control, is ever more openly 'intolerant' of rival belief systems.
Just as you can't feed different animal groups the same types of foods, there are also groups of people who are 'intolerant' to certain food groups.
On high sites that rarely flood, species moderately tolerant to 'intolerant' of saturated conditions should be emphasized.
It might be considered as an adjunct for occasional patients unresponsive to or 'intolerant' of more standard treatments.
This grassland-dependent species is fairly 'intolerant' of cultivation and tends to avoid areas that contain extensive woody vegetation or that occur near roads.
In contrast, we quantified the activity of PDC in root tissues from a much larger number of tolerant and 'intolerant' rice lines with a shared parentage.
One study found that 12 percent of patients with IBS were gluten 'intolerant' .
Radiotherapy should be considered in patients with macroadenomas who are resistant to or 'intolerant' of medical therapy and in whom surgery has failed.
Since being approved by voters in 1993, that amendment had drawn national attention, causing some to view Cincinnati as being 'intolerant' of gays.
Similar results have been obtained for the anoxia-tolerant and 'intolerant' cereals rice and wheat, respectively.
When brook trout are absent, a maximum of one non-native salmonid is counted positively as an 'intolerant' species.
Its use is justified in patients who are 'intolerant' to aspirin or who develop a stroke while taking aspirin.
I know you only want to do good, but you'll fail if you continue to be so 'intolerant' of other beliefs.
If the doctor administers a drug to which the patient is known to be 'intolerant' , or gives some other wrong treatment, should the inappropriateness of the medical treatment affect the causal enquiry?
He also states that he is lactose 'intolerant' and hence avoids most dairy products.
You seem to be saying that being indifferent to your beliefs is the same as being 'intolerant' of your beliefs.
With the exception of African lions, female felids are 'intolerant' of other conspecifics of the same gender.
Previous theoretical and empirical work has suggested that females from species with 'intolerant' larvae should reduce their relative investment in reproduction.
Previous models assumed that tolerant larvae could not fight and would always be found and hence killed by any 'intolerant' larvae if present.
Researchers have found that Conservatives typically are dogmatic, 'intolerant' of ambiguity with beliefs rooted in fear and aggression.
Living in a society that was also 'intolerant' of homosexual behavior, they were forced to work out their intimacy needs in unhealthy ways.
Are we becoming increasingly tolerant or 'intolerant' of offenders?
She said the recent blood group diet had no scientific basis and had many people believing their blood group dictated what foods they were 'intolerant' to.
Lichens are 'intolerant' to the presence of sulfur dioxide in acid rain and different species of lichen have different threshold levels before death occurs.
The former Archbishop of Canterbury hit out yesterday at extreme atheists who are 'intolerant' of religious views and attempt to deny Christians a voice in public debate.
The only reliable way to find out whether you are 'intolerant' to a food is by excluding it from your diet for four to six weeks, then reintroducing it.
The evidence for that shows that some ethnic groupings are very 'intolerant' to certain groups of food.
The patient had recently become 'intolerant' to therapy and had discontinued taking the medication.
A bigot, according to one dictionary, is one who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is 'intolerant' of those who differ.
The class devoted to the selection of calcium supplements was designed to assist women who were lactose 'intolerant' or who were otherwise unable to obtain sufficient calcium from their diets.
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