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an invaluable source of information
extremely useful; indispensable.
translation of 'invaluable'
अत्यंत मूल्यवान
Coast Watchers and their indigenous helpers also organized an 'invaluable' rescue service.
They both endorsed the course saying it had proved an 'invaluable' learning curve before giving birth.
The work was then put on video and stored as an 'invaluable' source of reference.
Few will agree with every opinion expressed by the Civic Trust, but we can all agree that its work is 'invaluable' .
Watch schemes are an 'invaluable' source of grass root information and intelligence.
Certainly, Holinshed's work was an 'invaluable' source for poets and dramatists at this time.
The knowledge and information they have been given will prove 'invaluable' .
They were devoting much of their time to it and had received 'invaluable' support from family and friends.
Sangh does not want to waste its 'invaluable' time in abusing or criticizing others.
We know from talking to companies that an experienced executive would be 'invaluable' in this situation.
It is also an 'invaluable' act of citizenship and is as diverse as society itself.
Mr Crump says the help he has received from Macmillan nurses is 'invaluable' .
Thanks to the New England Journal of Medicine for this 'invaluable' information.
Cars can be rented locally, but if you want to get the most out of any experience, the services of a guide are 'invaluable' .
Carers see us as a lifeline and many professionals have said they find the carer support service 'invaluable' .
The information could be 'invaluable' if a giant comet ever threatened the Earth.
The thought of him will always be to us an 'invaluable' source of encouragement and fortitude.
This has proved 'invaluable' in solving every crime in which the perpetrator is attempting anonymity.
To still have that type of player around the scene would be 'invaluable' .
Dr Anderson said the meetings had given him an 'invaluable' insight into the problems farmers had faced.
Learning how to control disaster when it breaks out and how to minimize damage resulting from it is a synonym for learning the 'invaluableness' of life.
The 'invaluableness' , the very fragility and fleetingness and incalculable preciousness of life!
Be your interview formal or casual, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism, 'invaluableness' and enthusiasm.
Certainly, these are people with essential skill sets who 'invaluably' contribute to the design process.
These, 'invaluably' , flesh out the rather basic dance notations which have survived from the period, written in the Beauchamps/Feuillet system.
One reason for Hotchkiss's 'invaluableness' to Jackson was that the General was very nearsighted and somewhat deaf.
Rather, they were 'invaluably' aided by sermons that came from the pulpits of religious leaders who preached an obligation of obedience to the secular laws.
The inventor has recognized the urgency and 'invaluableness' and the many benefits it has to offer.
The addition of Rosing's line drawings of many of the pieces adds 'invaluably' to the text.
But Federer's right to tackle the task optimistically is underlined by the readiness of McEnroe, a superb champion who has become an 'invaluably' cogent broadcaster on tennis, to identify strengths the Swiss has in common with Sampras.
Delhi's princely palaces come alive in invaluable contribution to posterity (Book Review)
Mosque invaluable, even 500 acres unacceptable: Jilani
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