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a special investigative committee to look into the strikers' demands
of or concerned with investigating something.
translation of 'investigative'
तहकीकात या अनुसंधान से संबद्ध
जांच पड़ताल करने का,
अनुसंधान का
He also added a detail that had been overlooked in the 'investigative' file.
My next novel has a miscarriage of justice case but you won't find an 'investigative' journalist or a copper in the background.
Then he'll take over as director of security firm Garda's 'investigative' division.
Danov proposed that the 'investigative' services become part of the police.
This means, both, higher 'investigative' costs and higher extra costs during the trial.
It is based on a true story, framed by an 'investigative' journalist's interview with his elusive subject and told mostly in flashback.
It has been suggested that British 'investigative' journalists may be responsible.
Thanks to Graham's excellent 'investigative' skills, surely their time has come?
To reach its conclusions, the 'investigative' committee had to do a bit of digging.
Are 'investigative' journalism and conspiracy research two names for the same thing?
The bills include a number of offence and penalty provisions and 'investigative' powers.
The 'investigative' personnel allege that this is consistent with international practice.
How Bates financed this project is a question that has eluded some of the country's finest 'investigative' business journalists.
Bruguire is an 'investigative' magistrate empowered to view French domestic and foreign intelligence material.
It was a good piece of 'investigative' work but would it not have been better for the relevant authorities to have carried out the undercover work?
So this was regarded as a pretty fair public interest expose in the best tradition of 'investigative' journalism.
Perhaps we should look more towards the 'investigative' systems that operate across the continent.
Now, add in the fact that 'investigative' journalism is really expensive for newspapers.
Pressure groups can appear as witnesses at the 'investigative' hearings held by committees of Congress.
A new institute to promote 'investigative' journalism will soon be established in Afghanistan.
I look forward, in the interests of justice and fearless 'investigative' journalism, to future exposés.
If they are that desperate for a news story perhaps some 'investigative' journalism might be in order.
We shall be popping round there anytime soon to do some serious Friday afternoon 'investigative' journalism.
We do need to make sure that Congress is doing its job of 'investigative' oversight.
Tehelka has defended the actions of its 'investigative' journalists.
I've always said that the risks in 'investigative' journalism tend to be overstated in Australia.
If an 'investigative' committee happens to be struck when the facts speak too loudly to be silenced, it's no big deal.
Satisfyingly, the audience is allowed to do the 'investigative' work themselves.
Ana Arana is an 'investigative' journalist who has reported extensively on Latin America.
A disciplinary panel of judges would need to be established along with an 'investigative' unit.
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