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Breeding adults have yellow bills, iridescent feathers that shine purple and green and are flecked with white spots.
showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.
translation of 'iridescent'
इन्द्र धनुष की भांति चमकीला
Under the crystal bright light of a full moon their blue marble shined, 'iridescent' .
As she neared the object, she noticed it was an 'iridescent' purple and pink.
She gazes at her daughter, both faces 'iridescent' with joy.
It has an 'iridescent' shiny ice pink dial with pink patent leather strap and a changeable sporty gel strap.
Adult males have a pink-streaked 'iridescent' throat-patch that can be held erect.
They are often 'iridescent' , giving them a spectacular array of colours.
A mobile phone with an 'iridescent' blue cover peeps from the top pocket.
Because many of the 'iridescent' glass wares were sold to fun-fairs it became known as Carnival Glass.
It was a long, silvery 'iridescent' gown covered with glittering stars and moons.
The beaches are litter-free and the water an 'iridescent' ice-blue.
An 'iridescent' colour is a colour that changes with the angle of view.
Each arc had an 'iridescent' crystal drop in the center of it, and loops of silver chains falling to her mid back from each.
The silver hake, in accordance with its name, has a silvery 'iridescent' sheen when freshly caught.
An 'iridescent' sheen spread over the surface of the water below him, indicating a fuel leak.
Breeding adults have yellow bills, 'iridescent' feathers that shine purple and green and are flecked with white spots.
The skin was covered in small black scales, no longer glittering with the 'iridescent' purple hues that most had.
A shimmering 'iridescent' image showing bauhinia flowers appears when the banknote is tilted under a bright light.
He then puckered neon light through the mural, creating an 'iridescent' glow.
She was a small, colorfully dressed creature with very long blonde hair and 'iridescent' blue eyeshadow.
It seems anything that catches my eye with an 'iridescent' quality, I am uncontrollably drawn to.
The earrings glittered, shimmered, sparkled, twinkled and glinted, 'iridescently' spangling and shinning beneath the white fluorescent lighting fixture.
The metal was then and light shining 'iridescently' in the lantern light.
Renaissance artists used paints and glazes that got their appealing color and 'iridescence' from nanoparticles.
The vision's dress was blue and silver at once, changing 'iridescently' in the light as did the vision's eyes which swept the crowd with distant, ethereal sweetness.
Females are drabber, with subtle 'iridescence' on overall grayish-brown bodies, spotted flanks, and a white teardrop surrounding each eye.
Taru was a vivacious, bubbly girl with a personality that seemed to shine 'iridescently' .
Rarely chalcopyrite appeared as a thin film on sphalerite crystal faces, giving specimens a slight 'iridescence' .
Everything from citrus-colored sandals to spacey, 'iridescently' rainbow platforms to classic colonial or Edwardian-style pumps were in demand.
The ladybirds were being irresistibly drawn to the 'iridescence' of the white material and by the time he was standing, smartly leaning on his cane, with his toes amid the washed up dead ladybirds.
Luster, 'iridescence' , and surface blemishes determine price, but so does size, color, shape, and unique matches of two or more pearls.
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