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child benefit is paid irrespective of income levels
not taking (something) into account; regardless of.
translation of 'irrespective'
अपेक्षा किए बिना,
बिना अपेक्षा या किसी हवाला के,
बिना ख्‍याल किए,
किसी लिहाल किए
बिना आक्षेप का,
A hyperlink is always a good way of tying up related documents, 'irrespective' of the type.
These forms are true of a picture on the wall, a statue of stone or clay or in any material 'irrespective' of cost.
It binds us together, 'irrespective' of creed or colour, race or religion.
Unions demand parity for workers in west and east 'irrespective' of the lower living costs in the east.
These peoples 'irrespective' of parties are the root of all problems Bangladesh is facing.
The government has at its helm a man who seeks consensus at all costs 'irrespective' of what that cost might be.
New members are always welcome, 'irrespective' of what stage of bereavement they are at.
Murray will do what he wants, 'irrespective' of what anybody else thinks.
A sexist society would remain enslaved, 'irrespective' of how it was ruled.
As a result, online shops seem to think all they need to do is address security, 'irrespective' of how bad the experience is.
This noble tradition continues to today as the church reaches out to all 'irrespective' of class.
On the contrary, there are people who like branded items, 'irrespective' of the price.
Friends are a gift of God, just like any other gifts 'irrespective' of their price or appearance.
The police also suggest slowing down at every curve, 'irrespective' of the volume of traffic.
He's happy that people come to visit 'irrespective' of their motivation or beliefs.
If he hasn't, then I would urge him to go and to go quickly, 'irrespective' of final tallies.
We need to understand whether a war is necessary, 'irrespective' of the economic effects.
Yet, 'irrespective' of who is at the helm, in my opinion, we need another cut in interest rates.
In short we get the political morality we vote for 'irrespective' of electronic or paper methods.
In any event, it is not disputed that an account of profits arises 'irrespective' of the grant of an injunction.
We model the market component, 'irrespectively' of its content, advertised products and brands.
When a pianist has played a series of concerts, prejudices are dropped and the critics will praise 'irrespectively' .
The gunner's sight is locked onto its designated target throughout the firing sequence, 'irrespectively' of any evasive action the target attempts when aware that it is coming under attack.
As a result of repair saturation the same amount of photoproducts is removed during a defined period of time, 'irrespectively' of the applied dose.
There is no reason for differentiating between those who are injured as a legal consequence of a breach from those who are injured in fact 'irrespectively' of the breach of the regulations.
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