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she suffered irreversible damage to her health
not able to be undone or altered.
translation of 'irreversible'
बदलने के अयोग्य,
सदा एकसां,
A marriage before God is a sacrosanct thing, an act of union in the eyes of God, 'irreversible' and permanent.
Although the plant has been mothballed, the damage done to Anjanwel is 'irreversible' .
All those empires were unsalvageable due to their infuriatingly 'irreversible' histories.
McKee explains that the swing must be at a maximum charge that's absolute and 'irreversible' .
Since the surgery is 'irreversible' , the patients will experience less pain while resting.
Altering soil condition can be done in a short period of time, but please note that this is an 'irreversible' process.
They seem to envisage an 'irreversible' downward spiral leading to the depopulation of Australia.
And though it looks attractive, it causes 'irreversible' liver damage to horses and cattle which eat it.
it's an 'irreversible' process
we're facing 'irreversible' changes
It seems that most sheep producers think as I do that the scheme is not only economically unattractive but also 'irreversible' .
Here physical time is understood as a stream of 'irreversible' change that runs through physical space.
Do you think that our tourism industry is in permanent and 'irreversible' decline, or do you think we will soon see the situation improve?
The eye condition is 'irreversible' and the study discovered that smoking was responsible for one in-five cases.
The main aim of burns resuscitation is to increase tissue perfusion here and prevent any damage becoming 'irreversible' .
The future effects are unknown, but drug experts fear they may include 'irreversible' brain damage or mental illness.
Its repeal is a matter of urgency before 'irreversible' damage is done to the energy market, the economy as a whole and to democracy itself.
His efforts need to be given momentum that is as 'irreversible' as the economic reforms sweeping the country.
So the business people tend to take the short cut and thereby force the newspaper down an 'irreversible' path.
Speaking in Washington on the eve of an EU-US summit, Mr Prodi said the decision was momentous and 'irreversible' .
I've forgotten about that wooden frame and only narrowly miss causing 'irreversible' damage to my vertebrae.
it can do 'irreversible' damage to the heart
If they become convinced they are wasting both time and resources, a pull-out will be swift and 'irreversible' .
The eternal love that he describes is one that is 'irreversibly' activated in the chips of the robot by a code that the ‘parent’ enters.
I just didn't realize that I'd be so 'irreversibly' hooked so quickly.
So, Petey, now you're 'irreversibly' contaminated.
‘I just think the game is moving 'irreversibly' towards hand-to-hand combat with a rugby ball,’ he said.
Bulgaria will always need a partnership that is to a degree a guarantee for the normal flow of processes and their 'irreversibility' .
The victims of the partition also knew the 'irreversibility' of the choice of their new citizenship.
The young represent the 'irreversibility' of time; they pose a standing threat of innovation and change.
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