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यात्रा कार्यक्रम
In reality, I am safe and sound and I do not intend to change my travel itinerary .
a planned route or journey.
translation of 'itinerary'
भ्रमण संबंधी,
घूमता हुआ
we will send you an 'itinerary'
We accomplished five of their seven-day 'itinerary' in the first two days.
The 'itinerary' was arranged at the tourists' requests, according to Shoji.
Try to plan your 'itinerary' to arrive at your destination during daylight hours if you can.
But the exact 'itinerary' of the tour is yet to be finalised.
We will be getting the tour 'itinerary' by the end of this week.
Mariko, looking over the detailed 'itinerary' , muttered.
Hinckley has to follow a very detailed 'itinerary' .
I only know because I snuck into their room and found their flight 'itinerary' .
Do you have your plane tickets or your flight 'itinerary' ?
Baghdad is rather pleasant this month, actually, and the Pentagon is planning an 'itinerary' .
I came home with the tickets and 'itinerary' for the trip and you acted like nothing was going on.
Check your tour 'itinerary' and determine the longest day of riding that you will encounter.
Passengers will receive an SMS 'itinerary' and new electronic boarding passes for faster check in.
A detailed 'itinerary' will appear soon.
Michael Dunne local organiser also addressed the meeting and went through the planned 'itinerary' .
But despite a packed 'itinerary' , they will be heading towards Agra to see the majestic Taj Mahal.
Assessing malarial risk requires a detailed knowledge of a patient's travel 'itinerary' and accommodations.
Flight 'itinerary' and tour plans have been circulated to the teams concerned.
No tourist 'itinerary' is complete without a visit to this paradise.
Editors are currently on tour, with a full 'itinerary' on their website.
The following are details released by Downing Street of George Bush's 'itinerary' for his four-day visit to Britain.
There are enough fairways here to fill even the most ambitious 'itinerary' .
In reality, I am safe and sound and I do not intend to change my travel 'itinerary' .
At that time, Uganda wasn't on any tourist 'itinerary' .
Choosing the right cruise line and cruise 'itinerary' can be somewhat of a challenge.
A web site will be set up for the participants of this tour with instructional articles and a detailed 'itinerary' .
Their busy 'itinerary' included hill walking, surfing and kayaking.
his 'itinerary' included an official visit to Canada
None of us could remember the exact 'itinerary' .
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