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the newlyweds jetted off for a honeymoon in New York
travel by jet aircraft.
blood jetted from his nostrils
spurt out in jets.
a high-pressure shower with pulsating jets
a rapid stream of liquid or gas forced out of a small opening.
a private jet
an aircraft powered by one or more jet engines.
translation of 'jet'
कृष्ण प्रस्तर,
बहुत काला चमकीला पत्थर
जैट विमान,
संगमूसा का,
कृष्णाष्म का,
धार का सा,
धारा सा
It appeared, he noticed, almost like a shiny black, like 'jet' , in the artificial orange glow.
The wort is pumped from the kettle, and forced back into the kettle through a 'jet' nozzle.
Two company executives and three flight crew were killed when their private 'jet' crashed shortly after take-off.
The buildings were designed to withstand the force of even a bigger jumbo 'jet' crashing.
Here, beads or pendants of 'jet' or similar materials have been found beside beads of amber, faience, bone, wood, shell or stone.
Through this a thin 'jet' of liquid would flow into the mouth of the ritual drinker or brotherhood performer.
According to dictionary definitions and everyday usage, a fountain is a 'jet' of water that spurts up into the air.
A confined 'jet' of compressed air pressurizes the inspiratory airflow.
'jet' beads
She got on the small 'jet' plane that only took 50 or so passengers.
a private 'jet'
Theo sent a 'jet' of fire after him, but he turned and deflected it.
He lifted his hands and shot a 'jet' of water towards one of the flaming walls.
The Texans left on a 'jet' plane riding a Rocky Mountain high to Denver.
The flow pattern caused by the tail flick of the 4 mm zebra danio larva is a vortex ring with a 'jet' through the center.
The liquid 'jet' as it strikes the solid surface can cause localized erosion and surface pitting.
a 'jet' plane
a 'jet' of boiling water spurted over his hand
The Indian Government has also chosen to buy 66 Hawk advanced 'jet' trainer aircraft.
Agnes turned up the gas 'jet'
the gloss of her 'jet' hair
'jet' black
A mouse runs up the side of a sack like a clockwork toy, then suddenly stops dead and watches me with his little eyes like tiny 'jet' beads.
Saba's eyes shone like stones of black 'jet' as he greedily reached for the beer, downing it in one gulp.
Another boondoggle for the rich to 'jet' somewhere exotic to gush over their concern for the poor.
"Gulfstream still believes a supersonic business 'jet' has good market potential, " he said.
Around the girl's neck was a gold choker set with glittering black 'jet' , and on her head sat a gold crown.
They finally quit, then several airplanes flew over, then a 'jet' roared.
Imagine that a flow of liquid is proceeding in a smooth, regular fashion, but we can adjust a 'jet' to make the flow run faster or slower.
In 1986, hijackers seize a U.S. jumbo 'jet' at Karachi's airport.
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