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the justification of revolutionary action
the action of showing something to be right or reasonable.
The Bible describes the act of justification as a declaration of righteousness upon a heart that is not righteous.
the action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God.
translation of 'justification'
Subsequent letters to objectors give no reasons or 'justification' for dismissing such objections.
The arch is a fashionable solution just now, and there is reasonable engineering 'justification' .
As I have pointed out, in 'justification' of her continued cohabitation with the father, the mother, in this court, tried to minimize the domestic assaults.
It's often said in 'justification' of open government that it will restore faith in the institutions of government.
The 'justification' in support of this argument is that the characteristics of an Indian remain the same whether he is in the civil or the Army.
he made a speech in 'justification' of his career
No scientific or technical 'justification' is given in support.
This section covers changing the font, style, size, orientation, 'justification' , and inter-line spacing.
there is no 'justification' for an increase in charges
If they pay out upon cheques which are not his, they are acting outside their mandate and cannot plead his authority in 'justification' of their debit to his account.
The use of armed force without a moral cause or reasonable 'justification' will not be popular.
Such a position is, I suppose, formally possible but it - and not extrapolation - requires special 'justification' .
So the next time you get a ‘bright idea,’ please give supporting evidence and 'justification' as to why this would be good.
Less controversial examples could be cited in 'justification' of the right to intervene.
But the notion of reliability here is itself a normative one; it would therefore be circular to appeal to it in 'justification' of our normative views.
all these incidents were used again as a 'justification' for my dismissal
To deny imputed righteousness is to gut 'justification' entirely.
Despite concern in some quarters over the health risks associated with gasoline lead, there is environmental 'justification' to support the retention of leaded fuel for a longer period.
There are no existing criteria that he can appeal to in 'justification' of his act.
These matters are important, and reasonable 'justification' can be made for implementing rules that facilitate orderly market development.
The party had merely added a veneer of 'justification' by using its revolutionary pretensions to justify its authoritarian methods.
The cosmic goal of righteousness suggests an eschatological dimension to 'justification' .
Did the difference in treatment have an objective and reasonable 'justification' ?
The claim is always of ‘falling standards’ - a claim without 'justification' or substance.
It also requires school officials to demonstrate some reasonable educational 'justification' before they can censor anything.
By whatever arguments killers attempt to make in 'justification' of their acts, they must be punished in accordance to the law.
Indeed, its values are regularly cited in 'justification' of a looming war.
The idea of increasing their already generous remuneration, without demonstrable 'justification' , is outrageous.
The Bible describes the act of 'justification' as a declaration of righteousness upon a heart that is not righteous.
the 'justification' of revolutionary action
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