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she got the knack of it in the end
an acquired or natural skill at performing a task.
translation of 'knack'
You've got a real 'knack' for getting in trouble, don't you?
And he proved that he hadn't lost his 'knack' for charming his audience.
Graham Greene has an uncanny 'knack' for keeping his readers on the edge of their seats.
Her voice is immensely beautiful and can lift you out of a blue mood, but more importantly, she has the 'knack' of making you empathize with her subject matter.
To say that he has a 'knack' for being at the right place at the right time would be an understatement.
Conducting is a special 'knack' and I discovered that I possessed it.
He also has the rare 'knack' for getting the players around him to lift their game.
she got the 'knack' of it in the end
He has the 'knack' of sharing information in a readable and entertaining way, so that the subject does not seem too technical and boring.
Postle has a 'knack' for combining slapstick comedy and pathos, which is very effective in this instance.
Moreover, he's got a happy 'knack' of presenting complex ideas in an accessible, engaging and entertaining way.
My father had a 'knack' for making a total stranger feel very comfortable in his presence.
What sets him apart is his 'knack' for storytelling and his sense of humour.
The band certainly have a 'knack' for writing melodies that seem like newly discovered classics.
He has a real 'knack' for picking projects that are a little off the beaten track, but guaranteed to be interesting.
According to sports analyst Greg Gumbel, Harris has " a real 'knack' for the game".
She had a 'knack' for teaching people how to enjoy the simple things in life.
the band has a 'knack' of warping classic soul songs
During this campaign he displayed one of his greatest skills, the 'knack' of surrounding himself with the right people.
He had always had an uncanny 'knack' for seeing things before they actually happened.
he had a 'knack' for communicating
My dad is the type of guy who'll only sing at Christmas, but he has a 'knack' for getting out his harmonica at unexpected moments.
He found work as a freelance consultant for engineering companies and soon discovered he had a 'knack' for it.
However, it's also difficult and time-consuming, and it takes a special 'knack' which few scientists have.
The actor Ian Ogilvy's debut novel shows that he has a 'knack' for writing for children.
John had the enviable 'knack' of falling asleep anywhere
Speaking of sports ministers, it seems they all have a 'knack' for putting their foot in it.
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