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she is very knowledgeable about livestock and pedigrees
intelligent and well informed.
translation of 'knowledgeable'
Her talk was much appreciated and she was both 'knowledgeable' and informative.
Perhaps there is a 'knowledgeable' local person who might undertake this task for you.
The fans are very enthusiastic and 'knowledgeable' about Grand Prix racing.
I miss my friends a lot, and the fact that everyone in Toronto is so 'knowledgeable' about the music.
Thomas says consumers are more 'knowledgeable' about design now than in the past.
The former miner was a very 'knowledgeable' man who loved to read and could discuss any topic.
Our bartender was really 'knowledgeable' about the menu and helpful in answering all my questions.
If you need help with your resumé we have friendly 'knowledgeable' staff available to assist.
I have to confess that I am not very 'knowledgeable' about modern rock music.
All in all, this was a meal to savour, and one delivered by efficient and 'knowledgeable' waiting staff.
Our 'knowledgeable' panel of speakers will introduce you to the many aspects of living in Tokyo.
He was plainly a 'knowledgeable' and experienced witness, with a broad background in the railway industry.
So we sought out opinions from York's most 'knowledgeable' musical minds.
Having read the book I do feel more 'knowledgeable' about my own generation.
For one thing Rolf Harris is quite 'knowledgeable' on the subject, and art is something he has a passion for.
They can talk 'knowledgeably' about world politics and culture, and are still fun to be with.
He also wrote 'knowledgeably' about New York, Philadelphia and Hollywood.
And the staff are all book lovers themselves and very 'knowledgable' .
Joannes Patursson is a mild-mannered man who speaks 'knowledgeably' about the history of his people and their traditions, including the now controversial activity of whale hunting.
Their salespeople are always 'knowledgable' about the stock and the prices are reasonable.
What this goes to show is how very little most people, even intelligent and 'knowledgable' people, know about language.
The main problem with the exchange of information is that there's a tendency for people to become 'knowledgable' without ever having experienced anything.
I'm not 'knowledgable' enough about the subject to discuss it intelligently or usefully.
Not to hold myself up as some paragon of 'knowledgeability' , but over the past 40 years I have used virtually every major camera on the market, and during the past 15 years have tested literally scores of them for print and online reviews.
This attitude is no longer relevant in a world in which 'knowledgeability' , quality and design are pivotal to success or failure.
Harry retained his love for and knowledge of music, particularly opera, into his latter years and could discourse 'knowledgeably' on great musical works and famous singers of the 20th century.
What matters most and where institutions are performing best is in the quality of instruction and in faculty 'knowledgeability' .
It's one thing to be able to carry on a simple conversation with a limited vocabulary, and quite another to talk and express oneself 'knowledgeably' in the language.
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