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a midget state landlocked in the mountains
(especially of a country) almost or entirely surrounded by land; having no coastline or seaport.
translation of 'landlocked '
There are sixty-one natural harbours, several 'landlocked' straits, and hundreds of rivers, bays, and lakes.
The Salton Sea, a 'landlocked' mass of salt water in the southern Californian desert, was created in 1905 when torrential rainfalls swelled the banks of the Colorado River until it flooded the Imperial Valley.
Zambia is a 'landlocked' country with a total of 752,614 square kilometres surrounded by eight different neighbouring states.
Bhutan is a small, 'landlocked' country in the mountainous area north of India.
Kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka kennerlyi) are a 'landlocked' subspecies of sockeye salmon (O. nerka nerka).
It had been noted by agriculture experts that Zambia being a 'landlocked' country has high cost of importation that makes landed price of fertiliser abnormally high.
The 'landlocked' lagoon at the foot of the dunes at Sandwich Harbour was once the only reliable source of fresh water on the coast between Angola to the north and the Orange River in the south.
The key to the huge potential profits in Central Asia was distribution - how to transport the oil and gas from this isolated, backward and 'landlocked' region to the world's main energy markets.
Bolivia, the only 'landlocked' country in the Western Hemisphere, is home to almost eight million people.
Sea-run Atlantic salmon usually attain a larger size than do 'landlocked' (those living in entirely fresh water) salmon.
An estimated 100,000 militiamen are operating around the 'landlocked' country under the command of regional warlords.
The building of dams along the rivers has impacted the populations of white sturgeons by creating 'landlocked' populations and destroying spawning grounds.
It has been introduced into upland areas (including the upper Great Lakes) where some populations are 'landlocked' .
The Corridor is a Southern African Development Community initiative that aims at linking the 'landlocked' countries in the region to the main Namibian sea port of Walvisbay.
He also broke the 'landlocked' salmon story in 1995, tracing the cause of their near-extinction to the planting of apple trees and over-intensive farming.
If by that reference they mean totally and literally 'landlocked' water, then we take issue with that.
Though some striped bass can spawn in fresh water and make their homes in salt water, there are many ‘stripers’ which remain 'landlocked' .
As a 'landlocked' country with primarily a desert terrain, it has until recently depended on rain as its main water source.
A mountainous 'landlocked' country located in south-central Europe, Austria encompasses an area of 32,377 square miles, roughly the size of the state of Maine.
That famous 'landlocked' harbour is surrounded by rock so soft that streams don't cut V-shaped grooves but Y-shaped chasms that suck in unwary ramblers and climbers, this not two hours from the city.
The Republic of Moldova is a 'landlocked' country between Romania and Ukraine that covers 13,199 square miles (33,845 square kilometers).
As far back as 1671, the almost 'landlocked' harbour was recognised as a hurricane haven for ships, which could lie protected in the basin formed within an old volcanic cone, with one narrow passage to the sea.
There is also a population of the sharks in Lake Nicaragua, which because of its great distance from the ocean was once thought to be 'landlocked' .
We say that landlocked lakes, for example, completely 'landlocked' lakes, would not qualify.
Legend tells of a beautiful girl who lived in a village on the Wild Coast near a great 'landlocked' lagoon.
The problem, put simply, is geography: the 'landlocked' country is dominated by the rugged Hindu Kush mountains that sweep from the west to the east.
Another 'landlocked' salmon is the E. American sebago salmon, found in Sebago and other lakes and their associated rivers.
Twenty of these lakes contained rainbow smelt, while 10 lakes had both 'landlocked' salmon and rainbow smelt.
The migratory instinct is so strong that some adults will writhe overland for up to 24 hours between 'landlocked' ponds and sea-bound rivers to reach the ocean.
Certainly in the case of Zambia, a 'landlocked' country with poor transportation and low agricultural productivity, the prospects for exporting corn to Europe in the foreseeable future are almost zero.
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