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Kelvin slid down the muddy slope, a landslide of earth, rock and ferns pushing him to the foot of the rise.
the sliding down of a mass of earth or rock from a mountain or cliff.
winning the election by a landslide
an overwhelming majority of votes for one party in an election.
translation of 'landslide'
जमीन के एक बड़े टुकड़े का पहाड़ पर से फिसल जाना,
भूम बिछल
After that, she stood for the school board elections, and won by a 'landslide' .
He lost the May 15 election by a 'landslide' in rural and urban areas of Ethiopia.
I maintain that if any mainstream political party were to embrace the above they would win the next General Election by a 'landslide' .
In other words, Labour would have had a 'landslide' election victory in 1997 even if no tactical vote had been cast.
Labour looks set to secure a 'landslide' election victory, according to a snap poll in Bolton.
His 'landslide' election victories, and his personal popularity in Middle England, made him look unassailable.
The doctors thought he had been in some sort of a 'landslide' or a building collapse.
A dead George Washington would win by a 'landslide' against any opposing candidate.
There is no need to recount where one candidate has won by a 'landslide' .
winning the election by a 'landslide'
they won by a 'landslide'
But despite his remorseless pursuit, the talks died with Labour's second election 'landslide' victory.
As a direct result, the Labor government was defeated by a 'landslide' in the 1996 elections.
there was a socialist 'landslide' that year
For example, the 1928 election was a 'landslide' victory for the Republicans.
He was imprisoned a year before the NLD won a 'landslide' election victory in 1990 only to be denied power by the generals.
The NLD won the 1990 general election by a 'landslide' but has since been blocked from coming to power.
He was swept to power as prime minister in 2001 in a 'landslide' election victory.
He acted more like a despot after his 'landslide' election victory in 1997.
Kelvin slid down the muddy slope, a 'landslide' of earth, rock and ferns pushing him to the foot of the rise.
It was also feared that two fishermen were killed when rocks from a 'landslide' fell on their camp at Rocky Bay on the island of Bequia.
He also inaugurated his own War on Poverty, winning the 1964 election by a 'landslide' .
a 'landslide' victory
the road was blocked by a 'landslide'
businessmen have been buried under a 'landslide' of paperwork
He won by a 'landslide' in the second round of a secret ballot, defeating four other candidates.
He pushes that stone which starts a 'landslide' and the whole mountain crumbles and flows into the sea.
He won a 'landslide' election victory earlier this year on the themes of clean government and a more tolerant society.
His popularity ensured he won by a 'landslide' in the 1998 presidential elections.
Flash flooding caused bridges to collapse and 'landslides' are blocking roads to devastated coastal villages.
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12 प्राकृतिक आपदाएं
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