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they lashed him repeatedly about the head
strike (someone) with a whip or stick.
the cat was lashing its tail back and forth
(of an animal) move (a part of the body, especially the tail) quickly and violently.
I threatened to give him a good lashing!
an act or instance of whipping.
Some of the attachments will be removed today in Portsmouth Harbour, then Swan will sail out into the Solent and dock down, refloating the destroyer as the final lashings are removed.
a cord used to fasten something securely.
translation of 'lashing'
कोड़ो की मार
Take a politician, any politician, add a little humour, some venom, some wit, a good 'lashing' of ridicule and then throw it at your audience.
We could do nothing as our classmate next to us whimpered as they received a verbal 'lashing' after catching the hardass's eyes when they took a glance at the clock.
But the government too came in for a 'lashing' for not doing enough to prevent a rerun of last winter's disasters.
She would've seen who was boss with his verbal 'lashing' .
Now that the truth was out, Kat was prepared to get the verbal 'lashing' of her life.
Nobody appreciates a moral 'lashing' from a pal, especially if it's over insignificant Hollywood rumors or other trite stuff.
he was on the receiving end of a verbal 'lashing' yesterday
Customers were less casual about buying tapes in the presence of usually rare foreign visitors, aware that they run the risk of a public 'lashing' if found in possession of music.
Sources say that he got a verbal 'lashing' from other councillors.
Meanwhile two of Australia's intelligence agencies have received a 'lashing' in a report from a US-based think-tank.
His response had been a severe 'lashing' with a whip, and she had never argued audibly again.
It's a far greater thing to sit in a witness box under the tongue 'lashing' of a ‘wig’ than to babble a complaint to a Garda in the heat of the moment.
I don't know which I felt more, relief at having escaped a physical beating or humiliation over his verbal 'lashing' .
Miss Ophelia goes to Marie and tells her that Rosa is very sorry for her fault and that she feels a 'lashing' from a whipping house is too harsh a punishment.
His disbelief stems from the fact that his rise to fame seemed to end as quickly as it started, which he blames on over-exposure, bad career choices and a 'lashing' from the media.
he was on the receiving end of a verbal 'lashing' yesterday
The court has ordered that her 'lashing' not be carried out until she delivers the baby.
The playing of music brought the penalty of a public 'lashing' , audio cassettes were smashed and the tapes fluttered from telegraph posts in most cities.
I threatened to give him a good 'lashing'!
Tessa had not backed down, not an inch, during her entire tirade of reprimands and verbal 'lashings' .
Some of the attachments will be removed today in Portsmouth Harbour, then Swan will sail out into the Solent and dock down, refloating the destroyer as the final 'lashings' are removed.
With the wind starting to blow harder, the fore and main topsails were handed and storm 'lashings' secured.
With some of the 'lashings' and supports removed after the long sea journey, the Swan is due to leave Portsmouth at around 11 am and will sail into the Solent, anchoring around half a mile offshore in the Stokes Bay area.
As part of a greater show of strength and power, they might also incorporate verbal 'lashings' into rituals of humiliation, made all the more painful by being staged in public.
I threatened to give him a good' lashin'g!
Great settlements of wood and mud spanned the entirety of the canopy, secured by countless stilts and 'lashings' that reached far down to the shadowed underbrush, effectively creating the effect of a floating city.
Her museum replicas followed the archaeologists' drawings, which omitted several straps and slits in the sole 'lashings' .
If not because we labored through the pain and verbal 'lashings' only to limp our way onto the school bus the following morning, then because there's a great chance we could pass on this foul knowledge to the youngsters in our charge.
While we are taught to refrain from striking out in anger, we are far less restrained when it comes to verbal 'lashings' .
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